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A quick Monday morning update.

I have been contacted by some concerned parents over the weekend about reports on Social Media of a young child "escaping" from a Brighton and Hove School.

Firstly I can assure you this was not from Fairlight. 

Secondly I would ask parents to take very lightly lots of the comments and information that is online.

I have seen some of this and have every sympathy for the Headteacher and school in dealing with this as some of the information being posted is so wildy inaccurate and not at all helpful and many have been taken down. 

Reading some posts I had visions of children walking the school yard dropping mud down their trouser leg in scenes reminisent of the Great Escape with Year 6's jumping fences Steve McQueen style on their electric scooters.

Lastly I can assure you that we take the Safety and Well being of our children very seriously.

The issue of Safety and Security is extremely important to us and continually reviewed.

I will say however the biggest issue is not the children it is often impatient or rude adults who do not follow the rules or do not think these rules apply to them.

Below is an update around the Front Door as this is the area we are always updating and reviewing.

As those who have come in to the office late in the morning will know it can often get quite busy.

Between children who arrive in taxis, those who arrive not feeling the joys of spring (children and parents), forgotten lunchboxes, visitors to the school, those who are late and 101 other things it can often get busy.

We would ask everyone to be patient and work with us.

Parent Queries September 2023



A busy few weeks have now resulted in us having lots of share and there is lots and lots of information for you to digest so sit back, get comfortable and lets begin.



Today in school we launched the start of the House Competitions with a Staff v Staff Gladiator style events in the playground. 

Staff teams from each of our houses battled with maltesters, cups, yogurt, up and over relays and Oreos to see which house would win.

Some tough games resulted in Yellow House coming out on top.

More events are planned throughout the year. 



Nominations for roles on the PTA are now open.

Check out the PTA page for more information.


It is important to have a strong PTA and this is an area that your help is needed.



We continue to have concerns raised about parents waiting on other peoples property in various roads around the school- outside the main gate- outside the front door- outside the Nursery entrance.  

I am working hard (and wasting a lot of valuable time) to listen to members of the local community and to work on a variety of solutions to how to improve many aspects of the local area for the children, families and staffs benefit. This includes looking at waiting areas, improving traffic, parking and shelters. 

What I still struggle to understand however is how parents cannot comprehend that you can't sit on someone elses front door step.

I know I would get pretty fed up if I came out of my house to find people sitting right outside my front door on my property.

And the argument that "you live by a school" is not good enough.

Please be a good neighbour and stop this.



Brighton and Hove Albion Foundation have launched a Rainbow Laces Design and Shirt Competition.

Anyone Under 16 is able to enter and could win the chance to see their design made in to a giant shirt as well as win Match Day tickets (which are hard to get hold of).

Go to the Friday Football page to find out how to enter.




We are pleased to announce that Fairlight Primary School will be working with Brighton & Hove City Council on a proposed new School Street scheme to be introduced this academic year.

How it Works

School Streets schemes are designed to address issues on the roads around schools at drop off and pick up times, including congestion, illegal or unsafe parking and air quality issues. This can be achieved by restricting access to motor vehicles on the roads around schools for one hour at each end of the day, during drop off and pick up times. This reduction in traffic provides a safer environment and more available road space for children and their families to make the school journey by more sustainable and active modes of travel.

In the first instance, a School Streets trial is planned for implementation starting on Monday 30 October 2023 for an initial period of 6 to 18 months. Vehicles will be prohibited from entering Hastings Road from its junction with Franklin Road on school-term weekdays only at the following times:

·        8:15am to 9:15am

·        2:45pm to 3:45pm