Each week on Friday there will be an update on all things to do with Fairlight.

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A great first week back and the weather has also been kind (ish).



Tuesday 16th April was National Offer Day when all the children who have applied to join schools in September find out which school they have been allocated.

This is an exiting and scary time for the families - and in light of the ongoing issues in Brighton and Hove around the falling birth rate and pupil numbers for schools also.

I am sure many of you will remember the nervous wait to find out which school you had been allocated.

We have contacted all of the families who have been allocated Fairlight to welcome them and to direct them to the information they need to start reading and preparing to start school.

The amazing news is that we have been allocated 60 children to start with us in September 2024- which included 76% choosing us as their first choice. 

This is the exact number of children for the places that we have. 

Of the 46 schools in Brighton and Hove just 19 (41%) took their full allocation of which Fairlight was one of.

We are also one of the most popular schools in terms of first choice and total allocation in the local area with other local schools getting 50-60% first choices.

And with the total number of applications being only 88% of the total number of places it would appear it was a tough year so to have 100% of the places filled is amazing. 

This is excellent news for the school. As I have shared before schools are funded based on the number of children we have in the whole school so therefore the more children we have the more money we have to spend. So a full Reception means we hopefully get 7 years of a full year group moving through the school. 

I think this shows how much the work that the school is doing in so many areas is valued by parents both at the school but also those wanting to join the school.

I would like to personally thank the Office team for their hard work in organising and planning the large number of tours we do each year. To also recognise the amazing work that Miss May and the EYFS Team do to make Reception so welcoming. And of course not forgetting the parents and pupils who are living examples of the school. And of course the rest of the staff who make all of our visitors welcome. 



I wanted to update you about OFSTED.

We were contacted at the end of last term by OFSTED who wanted to come and inspect the school. 

As you may have seen in the media OFSTED have recently had to review their practise and all inspectors have recieved training following the sad death of Ruth Perry- a Headteacher- and the outcomes of the coronors' review.

Due to the situation we found ourselves in at the end of last term I requested a deferral of the inspection as I felt this would add undue pressure on the staff in school but also in light of the fact that we would also not be able to show ourselves in our best light. 

I know you are aware of why this was the case from my previous messages.

This deferral was accepted by OFSTED.

I am pleased that they took this decision and thank them for taking this position.

This is however all new to the inspection process so now we do not know when they will be back.

I would expect it would be within the next term.

We will be in touch when they do confirm they are coming as you will be asked to complete Parent Surveys. 



There won't be Friday football this week.

We will start again next week. 


I hope you are having a good break and that you have managed to catch up with family and friends.

School may be closed to pupils however there has been a couple of building projects ongoing as well of course as Easter Club running at the school.

We will see you all back on Monday 15th April 2024 for the start of the Summer Term. Hopefully someone will tell the weather that it is the summer term!!



I have seen a number of children and parents during the holidays.

The children all looked very happy.

Some of the parents did but a few were quite desperate for us to open the school and for the summer term to start.

If you are wanting ideas to keep the children occupied then here are 3 to keep you going. And you can show the children the website and these were given by Mr Jordan.



Half term is a good chance to read.

The simplest way to get some books to read is to go to a library and take some books out.

Charity Shops always have a great selection of cheap books.

And you could then donate them to the school or make use of the new Book Swap we will be running in the playground after school using the new PTA Magic Reading Hut. See a picture of it below and watch out for updates. 



Don't forget to keep practising those times tables. 



After Half Term we will be relaunching a Fairlight favourite the Golden Dustpan and Brush.

This will be a special award that our cleaners will be awarding to the class who have tried to and helped to tidy their classroom.

And to start practising you may want to get them doing some tidying at home.

The class who are awarded this prestigous awrd will get to show off the Golden Dustpan and Brush Award that Chris has made- see below.

Golden Dustpan and Brush
Magic Reading Hut


It is with great sadness that we inform you that Neil Avard- husband of Shereen Avard our Assistant Headteacher for SEND/ Inclusion and "dad" to Bessie our School Dog passed away at the end of last week after a short illness.

Neil was a great supporter of Fairlight and worked with a number of families to support them through his work with the One Church and Russel Martin Foundation.


On a personal note I will miss my chats about Brighton and Hove Albion as well as a selection of other random topics. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Shereen and their children Alex, Max, Sadie, Anna and of course Bessie.

He will be greatly missed. 


Each week on Friday there will be an update on all things to do with Fairlight.

Please read and click on the links to find out what is going on.



And that ends the Spring Term at Fairlight.

I hope everyone gets a good break. 

We will see you all back on the first day of term on Monday 15th July 2024.



What a busy term at Fairlight.

This term we have had football matches against other schools, Science Week, Mock SATS Week, Trips, Swimming, Dance at the Dome, Yoga Lesson for all (see below), Opal Award in London, Parents Evening, PTA Springfest, World Book Day and Book Week, Book Fair, PTA Disco, Wake N Shake, Open Afternoon, Parent Internet Training. And of course not forgetting all the amazing teaching and learning taking place every day in the school.

And all of this took place in a very short term. 



I have really enjoyed sharing yoga and mindfulness with the children at Fairlight School this week. 

It has been lovely to see them smiling, stretching, laughing, balancing, breathing, relaxing and having a small taste of what yoga & mindfulness has to offer. 

For more information, please see my website www.growthyoga.co.uk or email vicky@growthyoga.co.uk.



Due to the weather this is the first game of our season.

A tough Cup Draw against St Lukes away.

With new team members and lots of players who don't play football for teams out of school meant a tough fixture.

After familiarising ourselves with pitch, rules and positions a tough first half ended with us 4-0 down.

A quick team talk and some new tactics we went out for a strong second half.

Some good ball control. Strong goalkeeping. And tough tackling resulted in the game ending at 4-0.

Well done to the girls.

We will try and get some more games to build on this momentum.



Over half term you may want to spend some time with your child doing tidying up practise and learning about how important tidying up is.

You can even show them this message to show them that school have said.

After Half Term we will be restarting the GOLDEN DUSTPAN AND BRUSH AWARD for the class who keep their classroom in the tidiest fashion and also who helps tidy the playground the best at the end of play.

You can even call it homework (WINK WINK).



Our House Point Totals for this term were announced in the Achievement Assembly this week. 

  • 1st place: Green Atlantic- 1509 tokens
  • 2nd  place: Yellow Pacific -  1318 tokens
  • 3rd place: Red Arctic- 1247 tokens
  • 4th place: Blue Indian- 1239  tokens

Well done to Green House for their first win since 2021.



We have a vacancy for a Parent Governor to join our governing body. 

If you are interested find out more here.


And then contact Mr Jordan who will link you with the governors and explain the process.  


Year 6 Safety in Action




Just a four day week to go until Half Term. The last day this term is Thursday 28th March 2024.

We will see everyone back to school on Monday 15th April 2024.

PTA Springfest will take place today (Friday) with our very Springlike weather. Thank you in advance to everyone who has donated and who has helped organise and run this event. As I type this there are PTA helpers scattered across the school ticketing and preparing. 

The AMAZING MEGA RAFFLE will be drawn on Monday to see who has won the amazing prizes. 



The children have had a very science focused week this week. With talks from people who work in jobs where science is important to lots of practical experiments and hands on science to finding out about famous figures in science.

If your child hasn’t told you about what they have been learning this week then please spend time asking them and finding out about science week.

We are very lucky at Fairlight to have teachers who love organising and planning for focus weeks and putting in the effort to give the children a range of interesting and exciting experiences.


YEAR 6 TRIP (see the photo above)

Year 6 were fortunate enough to be invited to a 'Safety in Action' workshop. It was a brilliant event where the children learned about several things including: alcohol misuse; child exploitation; road safety; first aid (CPR); calling 999 and so much more!

It is a great project to get involved in and lots of interesting messages were delivered to Year 6 to help them prepare for the next step of their journey at secondary school and growing up and becoming valuable members of our community.



Our Football First Team played a Cup Game this week against St John the Baptist.

A slow season due to the weather meant this is one of only a handful of games we have managed all season.

Great weather and a long grass pitch with a great view were all distractions however a focused teamwork performance ended with a 8-0 win in the sun and wearing a new Premier League football kit.

We move to the next round where we will face tougher opposition in Coldean. And our girls team have their opening cup match also coming up.



Every year Headteachers get a little competitive over whose Dance at the Dome was the best. Of course I don’t need to get involved in that as we know we are the best.

Since our Dance several people have shared how good Fairlight was and how hard the children must have worked to perform that well.

Well done to everyone for all of their efforts and hard work in practicing and performing on the night.

Photos of the Dance at the Dome will start appearing in the coming weeks either via the press or from the organisers. Once I have anything I will share these. 

Now we move our creative attentions to the Children’s Parade.


MMR and Measles Update and Advice

So far, we have not seen any measles cases in Brighton and Hove – however, the number of measles cases continue to rise around the country and abroad, mainly in children who have not had the MMR vaccine. With the Easter holidays fast approaching and possible travel being planned we are reminding everyone to be measles aware and ensure your children are vaccinated with the MMR.


Measles is a highly infectious disease which can lead to serious illness.

The measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine provides excellent protection against measles, and it is free on the NHS.

Children are offered the first dose of the MMR vaccine at one year and the second dose at 3 years 4 months, but they can be given with as little as a one-month gap between doses, depending on age. 

What should you do? 

To see if your child is up to date with their MMR vaccine, check their red book, or contact your GP practice. If anyone has missed one or both doses of the MMR vaccine, contact your GP practice to book an appointment.

It’s never too late to catch up on your MMR vaccination.

Find out more about MMR vaccinations on the NHS website.

Measles signs and symptoms

Measles usually starts with cold-like symptoms, followed by a rash a few days later. Some people may also get small spots in their mouth.

The first symptoms of measles include:

  • a high temperature
  • a runny or blocked nose
  • sneezing
  • a cough
  • red, sore, watery eyes
  • Small white spots may appear inside the cheeks and on the back of the lips a few days later. These spots usually last a few days.
  • A rash usually appears a few days after the cold-like symptoms - The rash looks brown or red on white skin. It may be harder to see on brown and black skin.


More information about measles, symptoms and actions you can take are on this 0-18 NHS website. information on this website is available in many languages and has the Recite me facility.


If you or a family member develops any symptoms of measles, contact your GP by phone.


Please do not go to your GP, walk-in centre, or any other healthcare setting without calling ahead, as measles is very infectious.



We are very lucky to have been able to organise a Yoga session for every child in the school next week. 

On Monday and Thursday everyone will get the chance to learn some Yoga.

This is what the children voted to use the money they have raised this year on. 

Please ensure your child comes to school 



We always love to hear about children’s achievements out of school and are always happy to share them with a good photo for everyone else to see.

Alexis shared this photo and some writing to go with it. And suprise suprise the juice and biscuits is always a highlight of any trip.

The other Wednesday I went to the Mayors Chambers and with the other cubs and scouts who were receiving their silver award. Moreover I held something that was made to open the Victoria Fountain. So I held something that was over 100 years old I think. Then we had juice and biscuits.

Scout Trip



I am not sure if I am going to be cursing it however the weather appears to be getting a bit better. Let's hope it continues like this as we head towards Half Term.



I had the privilege and honour to have been invited to the House of Commons to speak and accept the Opal Honours Award for demonstrating outstanding quality play opportunities for every child.

OPAL support and work with over 1 million children so to be asked to attend and accept this award is a huge honour.

This award was given as part of the launch of A Plan for Play which is a report that outlines a vision for the Department for Education to require every school to have a play plan that would be subject to Ofsted inspection. Under the proposals, teachers would be taught about play-based learning for children of all ages, not only early years.

Our Award was presented by Labour MP Kim Leadbeater (who I have to say was amazing) who spoke about her own reasons of wanting to champion play and the well- being benefits being linked to her memories of playing with her older sister Jo Cox who had served as an MP until her murder in 2016.

I spoke to the select audience of Play Champions and political figures about the amazing journey we have been on with Opal and about the impact it has and continues to have in so many areas of the school. Many of which are highlighted in the report. 


It was a very proud moment for me and the school.

I want to remind everyone that this wouldn't be possible without key people such as Mrs Durneen, Miss Ferber and Miss Palmer who have all led on Play. And now of course Jezz. Miguel our former Caretaker and Jimmy. And now Chris who fixes everything. Eri our Co-opted Governor and all of our governors over the past 10 years for their support. And of course every child who has been in a Play Assembly or played in the playground. And every parent and supporter of the school who has helped us raise money or donated items for the playground.

Fairlight is one of the best schools in the WORLD for Play. We clearly have a plan for play and it is amazing!!!


Thank you to everyone who came to Parents Evening this week to meet the teachers and talk about children's learning.

It was great to speak to so many parents who came away with positive comments about learning. 



Don't forget it is Science Week next week. Expect your children to be coming home and blowing your minds (let's hope we don't teach them that actual trick) with their scientific knowledge but most importantly their curious and enquiring minds!!!



A busy few weeks for the PTA to come with several events and activities all happening.

Everything you need to know has been sent by PING but below are a few reminders!!!

And a sample of the AMAZING ARTWORK (teatowels) you can purchase from the SpringFest Event.



The Winning Name for the Reading Hut is MAGIC READING HUT. Well done to Frankie in Marlins who came up with the name.


There are still some spaces in the FULLY FUNDED Easter Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme with the parent and carers of your children who receive benefits-related free school meals (FSM).

As of Monday, primary schools across Brighton & Hove had an average of 15% of their FSM children booked on to Easter HAF.

Fairlight Primary School had a healthy 18% booked, many of whom are booked with Pioneer HAF camp at Fairlight with Pioneer Childcare · Eequ on our school site! 😊

Some of our pupils may also benefit from our wider offer that includes sport, music, adventurous activities, and tech. For example, the following still have good availability:


To find out more go the HAF page below




Our Year 3/4 Team were invited to the Albion Foundation Tournament at Lancing FC the home of the Sussex FA.

A team of fearless footballers took part in their first every representative match for the school in good footballing conditions on Thursday. 

We played some excellent football- passing out from the back and trying the odd nutmeg and rainbow flick!!!

Against teams with a number of players who play regularly we held our own and lost a couple of games by a goal and one by a larger margin.

Our finest hour (10 minutes) was a 6-0 victory with Oscar, Saul and Zakaryiah scoring two each.

Well done to them and now on to some Cup Matches for the Y5/6 Boys and Girls Teams. 




A busy week in school which is covered in the weekly update as well as looking ahead to a range of things.


Ramadan begins on Sunday 10th March 2024 and we send encouragement and support to many of our families as they begin this important journey. Many of our families will be fasting from sunrise to sunset over the next few weeks. Some of our older children begin to practice and take part in this and we would ask that you let us know via the School Office so that we can support them. We are not expecting younger children to fast. 



We look forward to seeing lots of you this week at Parents Evening.

Please remember that you will be entering the school via the Front Door and that you cannot wait in the Playground as this is used by After School Club.

Several parents have asked this week if they should bring their children with them. Whilst we are aware that for some parents there is a childcare issue if you are at parents evening, we do find that it is easier for the teacher and the parent if they do not have children with them. Everyone can focus and concentrate on discussing learning and not worrying about what everyone is doing or where they have gone.



A busy book week in school this week with so many amazing book related activities and learning opportunities. I had the pleasure of leading our Book Character Dressing Up Parade in the playground on Thursday where the whole school got to see all of the amazing costumes that children and staff had come to school wearing. Once again everyone did an amazing job.

Photos from the week will be put on our Events Page in the coming days.

I also had the pleasure of hearing a little of the talk given by Hannah Berry an award-winning comics creator, scriptwriter, campaigner, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and former UK Comics Laureate 2019-21 and lucky for us parent. I know that every classroom I seemed to go into afterwards had comic book creators making their own comics and graphic novels. I hope Hannah has got some good quality material coming out soon as the competition looks fierce. Thank you for taking the time to come and tell us all about Comics and your experiences.

I know my own reading experiences when I was growing up were heavily guided (and saved) by comics. I still have my Beano Annuals my Nan and Grandad used to buy me every Christmas in my office. I know that some weeks the Beano made up my total reading experience (along with a Puffin Book Club purchase just like the Book Fair). Progressing on to Asterix, Fungus the Bogeyman and then in my teenage years Dark Horse Comics of Star Wars. In addition, my guilty pleasure of Viz which I still read today. I know many of our older children and those reluctant readers often can be found with a comic and graphic novel in hand.

Our Book Fair was once again a huge success. I can even go as far to say “they were queueing around the block to get in”. Thank you once again for all of your support and patience. We had hoped to host it in a bigger venue this year however the book trolleys that had all of the books in them didn’t fit in the lifts so couldn’t go up to the hall.

The Book Fair took over £1500 which means the school will get around £900 to spend on Literacy and Reading resources.



I am lucky and proud (and a little bit scared) to next week be invited to speak in the House of Commons about the importance of Play and to accept our OPAL Honours Award at the launch of the governments new Play Strategy. This award is only given to schools that have not only transformed their school approach to the provision of quality play but have maintained that quality over a sustained period of time, typically 6 years or more. We are one of only 4 schools in the world to have achieved this honour.

I will share a picture of the award once I have it in hand on our Opal page https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/in-the-classroom/teaching-and-learning-at-fairlight/opal-play-at-fairlight



We marked this in school with a group of our Year 2 girls taking part in a Girls Football Festival. Some budding Beth Meads and Lauren James spent an afternoon immersed in some football fun.



We are continuing our process of preparing for our 4-5 year visit from our OFSTED. As part of that, we continue to review and update many areas of what we do in school. At the moment we are continuing our work around our School Improvement Plan https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/aboutus/important-school-information/school-improvement-plan as well as updating a range of policies and procedures https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/aboutus/important-school-information/official-documentation.

I alert you to this because when we are given notice I will inform you of the dates of the visit (likely to be the next day). Also I will be asking you to complete the Parent Survey (this has to be done in one day) so that you can tell the inspectors about your experiences and importantly how good the school is. We may also have the opportunity for you to do this in person. We may have to postpone or make some tweeks to the timetables and routines on these days as Senior Staff need to be available to work with the Inspectors to show off our amazing school.

If you have any questions about this then please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the SLT.

I will be sending a PING to remind parents around a few areas where we need you maintain the high standards we have set.



You will have read in the local media about the news that the Council have finalised the decision to close St Barts. Whilst there are still appeals taking place we have been approached by a few parents about moving their children to Fairlight. I have also informed the Local Authority that we would be happy to accept any children and families who might want to join us. I know you will join me in making them feel very welcome. The families at St Barts are continuing to work with the local authority currently who are also in liaison with us.

I know there are many parents already at Fairlight who have friends or members of their communuities who may be joining us or asking about the school. Thank you to those who have spoken so positively about our school and recommended it to them.



Have you seen the prize list?

The PTA have gone all high tech and have organised a text raffle. 

I was contacted this weekend by a friend who had seen the prize list on a local Facebook page. They wanted to know if I had any sway. There were several prizes they wanted to win. I said “I wish" and that I would be getting some tickets quickly. 



The second week back and the rain continues.

It is starting to get boring and like the children I am getting bored of having a wet jumper, wet feet or not being able to go into the garden or the playground without having to dodge a puddle or mud (which is always interesting for a school with so much concrete).

Let's hope the nicer and warmer weather is heading our way soon.


Reporting Concerns

From time to time parents come and share with us a concern they may have regarding a friend, neighbour or another parent. Whilst we are happy to discuss this and to listen if parents are concerned then they need to share this concern with another agency or group such as the police, housing or social services. This is often tricky as they may be a friend who you have tried to help or offer advice to but they are not listening or think they know better and parents want to do the right thing.

The need for you to raise concerns direct is because many agencies and areas of support work on a "volume" system. The more people who raise concerns the quicker they offer support. And if we have already raised concerns it would not count as a new concern.

You can of course raise concerns direct both by giving your information but also anonymously. 





Metal Sign Reminder

Our prefects will be walking around the playground from time to time with a reminder about messages we have sent via Ping or alerting you to check your ping.

When we send a Ping we can see how people open it, read it, action it or respond. Sometimes this is very slow and this "visual" reminder has already worked as the most recent message we reminded you to read got double the uptake. 


Parents Evening

Thank you to everyone who has signed up already for this.

To help the teachers prepare don't leave it too late to sign up. 



Information about his has started to come out to you.

There are a range of exciting things going on in school during the week including reading events, a book fair and our amazing dressing up day.

World Book Day is on Thursday 7th when we are asking everyone to come dressed as a book character.

This weekend might be a chance to get that started. I know lots of the Charity Shops have got special racks with costumes on. Or you can have a rummage at home to make up a costume from scratch.



We will be joined on Friday 1st March by over 17 schools from across the South of England to see and hear about the amazing work we continue to do around OPAL Play. 



We are planning a Science Week for the Week Beginning 18th March 2024. If you work in any field or role that might be in anyway scientific and could come in to school to either show children what you do or even better if you have some cool equipment to show them how it works then please contact the school office. Maybe you work with animals or plants. Maybe you are an electrician and you can tell us and show us about circuits. Maybe you are an inventor and you can show us your invention. Do you work in medicine or a pharmancy? Do you mix paints or work with material such as wood or stone? 



The next PTA disco has been confirmed for Friday 28th June 2024.

Early years will be during school time, then yr 3 and 4, then yr 5 and 6 so hopefully everyone with a ticket can attend.

Details on tickets nearer the time. 



The first week back has started well- well except for the continued rain. 


We are a key part of the local community and play and important role in shaping the area around the school. From working with the highways team, to the Street Cleaning team, to the Community Team to a range of other council and non council groups.


Being part of the community is also about looking about the impact we have on the community but also how others view us.


I have recently had a few neighbours raise concerns over how they felt and how they were spoken to outside of their houses or when they were walking along the pavements around school.


I am aware that the pavements around school are quite compact. That you are often having to dodge bins and bikes and dog mess and cracks in the pavement. So it can be quite hectic and busy.


However being polite. Saying good morning. Or thank you. Waiting. Possibly even picking up litter is all part of being a good neighbor. Reinforces and models what we are expecting from the pupils.



You will get a Ping at 6pm on Friday 23rd with all the information you need to book up for Parents Evening this term.



  • Loombands
  • Stencils
  • Playdough
  • Plasticine
  • Kinetic sand
  • Stickers
  • Small world figures
  • Jigsaws
  • Construction kits
  • Lego/Duplo
  • Magnet tiles/magnetic games

If you have any of these that you would like to donate then please bring them to the School Office.



You will recall that the pupils have shared that they liked doing the morning "Wake 'n' Shake" before school to get their brains and bodies active before the start school. 

Following discussions with the School Council this will happen fortnightly and start this Monday. 

We would LOVE parents and grown ups to join in. 

So first one Monday 26th February starting at 8.40am. DON'T BE LATE.



The Breakfast Stations are out in the playground several times a week for children to take a grab snack to munch on the way to class. We are becoming increasingly aware that some children either don't eat breakfast, don't have time for breakfast or don't want breakfast. That is despite it being an extremely important meal to start the day.

Not everyone may want to use it so it is choice.

And if children do not want it or don't think they will eat it then we will encourage them not to take anything as we don't want to cause any waste.



Key a watch for updates on this coming soon.

I know when you are out wandering you might want to start thinking about your dressing up costumes.

We will do our Dressing Up day on Thursday 7th March 2024.




And breathe. Well atleast for staff. Parents- TAG- its your turn for a week.

A busy week to end a busy term.

We will see you all on Monday 19th February 2024 when we return to school.

Have a lovely break. 



Today ended the term with our PTA Disco.

Thank you to everyone who attended our SOLD OUT Disco's.

And to all of the money that was donated for the NON UNIFORM event 

The PTA are looking to run even more events after half term and hopefully another Disco- however you will need to be quick again to get tickets. 



Despite the heavens opening their was a queue of parents waiting to come and see the amazing learning happening across the school. 

Parents got to see books, models, and even some excellent presentations. 

Feedback is that these afternoons are very popular and we will be planning to do more in the future.

We are even considering BRING YOUR GROWN UP TO SCHOOL moming where you would be able to come in the gate with the children and go to class. I will give you advanced notice we are considering that during the morning YOU would be doing presentations to the class about your learning (e.g. your job) and what you do every day.



One of our School Improvement areas is around Indentity.

As a community we will combat racism, encourage exploration of identity and promote understanding and acceptance among our students.

We recently were lucky to have undertaken some training from The Open Minds Project on this.

As as a result of the training we are reviewing various areas of the curriculum as well as documentation we use or information we ask parents and families. 




Only one week to go until Half Term.

Lots of reminders about things that we have already shared in previous weeks. 



Save the space in your diary.

8th February 2024.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to come into school to see the learning that has been taking place.

Some classes will be holding a Museum style open afternoon where you will be guided around the room. Some classes will have all of their books and work out for you to see. Some will be hosting special lessons for you to join in with. Some might even have a little performance for you.

You can arrive between 2pm and 2.15pm to join in with this fun afternoon. You will be asked to sign in at the school office.


Our advice is to go immerse yourself in the classroom for 30-45 minutes.

If you have more than one child you may want to do 15-20 minutes in each of their classrooms. We would love it if you took your children to see each other’s work as well as there is not often chance for this to take place.

Children will be allowed to leave school with parents from 2.40pm. You will need to sign them and you out at the school office.


BOOK WEEK 4-8th March
Do we have any inspirational authors or illustrators in our community? 
Would you be willing to come in and talk with the children, inspiring the next generation of potential writers/illustrators? 
Have you got a spare hour during the week of 4th -8th March?
If so, could you please contact the office - thanks Mrs Parker



There will in the coming weeks be a few changes to our Uniform page and some information about our supplier who has been taken over.



Thank you to everyone who has brought in Board Games and games for the school. We are amassing quite a selection and it is taking all of Mr Jordan's will power to write this weekly update and not sit and play a game of Hungry Hippos or Snakes and Ladders.

If you over half term or in the following weeks are having a clear out then please bring them in to the School Office.

See the list below.



See below about what you need to do to help us possibly get some resources.




As we get to the end of one of the toughest months we have a number of bits of good news to share.

January is always a challenging month in school as the weather is changeable- we have had snow, rain, frost, sun and everything in between. The mornings and evenings remain dark early. And the reality of overindulgence over the Christmas holidays hits both the waistline and the bank balance. For many children it is also a challenge as they come back to school and need to get back in to their learning and of course show good behaviour in both learning and attitude.



Just to let you know that we have kindly accepted the offer from a parent who is a photographer to come in to school and capture some images of the school in action for us to use to show you and everyone about Fairlight.

No images will be used on the school website without seeking consent from parents.

We are also updating other aspects of the school website should you want to have a look around. 



On Friday we had a Computer Room free day to allow the ICT team to install all new computers in the computer room.

This huge investment in our Computer Room was possible thanks to the Southover Manor Trust who gave us grant to allow this to happen.

Thank you to them and to Carly in the office who completed the application.



Our friends at Plus+Accounting have kindly agreed to help us purchase Numicon resources and packs that will be given as part of our Reception New Starter packs in September 2024.

A huge thank you to them.


Find out more about those who are supporting us on our Fairlight Supporters page.




This week the children camme home with a clothes collection bag.
These can be filled with unwanted adults' and children's clothes, sheets, pillowcases, paired shoes, hats, belts, handbags, soft toys, curtains and towels.
If you can, please fill them and bring back to school on 30th January before 9am so they can be collected. Every bag filled raises money for the school. 
They will NOT accept - school or work uniform, duvets, pillows or cushions.  
The kids are 'board' and they need excitement so I'm sure you'll do your stuff and get on 'board!' The 'board' of teachers (Staff Meeting) and children (School Council) had a session brainstorming and this is what we came up with and how you can help.
Do you have any simple "board" games or any of these games that are gathering dust?
Do you have any family members, friends or groups including Social Media Groups who might have them?
Tell them what we are looking for.
Let us know or just get them to drop them in the School Office.
We are looking to for the following...
  • Guess Who?
  • Hungry Hippos
  • Connect 4
  • Jenga
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Frustration
  • Snap
  • Twister
  • Pick up sticks
  • Buckaroo
  • Boggle
  • Jigsaws
  • Mr Funny Face
  • Ker-plunk
  • Darts/dart board- we want to train the future Luke Littler
  • Top Trumps
  • Ludo
  • Draughts
  • Marble run
  • Operation
  • Chess



There is so much going on in school at the moments to tell you about it would take hours to read. I have therefore tried to summarise the key points that everyone needs to know or the most important things.

Don't forget that on the 8th February we are holding our OPEN AFTERNOON where you can come and see all the amazing things going on in school. 


Talk to your Teacher

When your child comes home and tells you they saw a Dinosaur in the playground before school what do you say? I hope it will be something about what a fantastic imagination they have and how it all sounds lovely. I do however hope it isn’t you ringing up the school and demanding to speak to the Headteacher or telling the office how unsafe the school is. I also know that whilst you listen to your child and believe them you also know that if you really wanted to know more you would speak to your child’s Classteacher first to find out more.

This has happened this week. And not the speaking to the Classteacher version.

It is also not always a Dinosaur in the playground.

Sometimes it is children not being nice to each other. Or your child having difficulty in school with learning. Or something equally as concerning for you but that isn’t possibly as simple as it first sounds.

Please always speak to your child’s Classteacher first to find out more before jumping to conclusions or making up the rest of the story. It will make all of our lives simpler and sort things out much quicker.


Scooters and bikes in the Playground

Please remember at the end of the day that the playground is quite crowded and full of not only Fairlight children and parents but also small children.

We have seen an increase in children (and parents) riding scooters particularly and have witnessed a few near misses.

Scooters, bikes and skateboards should all be walked to the school gate and the you can ride them.


Dogs at the Gate and in the Playground

We are (like all schools) not allowed to have dogs on the school premises unless these have a full Health and Safety assessment, insurance and traning- just like Bessie.

Smaller dogs that can be carried or put into a bag can be held whilst you are collecting children. They cannot be allowed to walk around in the school grounds. It would be better if they are left tied up at the gate.

Larger dogs that are left at the gate must be safe enough to be left there.

Many children come out of school and ask if they can stroke the dogs. If the dog is not safe enough to be stroked then it definitely should not be left tied up outside school unattended.


Year 6 Parent Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended our Year 6 SATS, Transition and Residential Meeting this week. If you need further information from the meeting please speak to your child’s Classteacher.



We are seeing a number of children in school with a range of different illnesses who need time off school and when they return they often come back to school but are still sometimes taking medicine.

ALL and ANY medicine needs to be brought to the School Office by a parent who will need to discuss with the Office staff if we are able to give the medicine in school.

We will need to see the packet the medicine was given to you in to see the instructions on the packet on how the medicine should be given and when.

We have sought advice and if a medicine should be given 3 times a day then this can be done out of school. Once before school. Once at collection or the end of the school day when you get home. In addition, once before bedtime. This is nicely spaced out and stops the need for having to have the medicine in school and taken home every day. It also causes less disruption for the children having to come to the school office in learning time.


ICT Training

Our Parents Internet Safety Training this week was well supported and many parents found it very informative and helpful.

As promised here are the links to the additional help, advice and resources. As well as a feedback form.

A recording of the Training will be posted on the Parent Training Internet Safety page next week for those who could not make it.



Parents resource pack.



Parents / staff feedback form.



Finance Workshops

Budgeting Through the Cost of Living Crisis

·        Want to make your money go further?

·        Need help to manage your household budget?

·        Saving for a special occasion?

·        Need help managing debt?

Then you are not alone.

Why not join for 2 supportive, fact-based, interactive sessions with an expert financial advisor.

Sign in at the School Office after dropping the children.

·        Friday 1st March 9am-9.40am

·        Friday 8th March 9am – 9:40am

You will receive a £10 Tesco voucher just for attending- but you must attend both.



Tesco Tokens

We need your help.

See the Advert below and let’s get the tokens into those pots in the Tesco stores.

Tesco Tokens




Another amazingly proud week as Headteacher at Fairlight. Our 2nd Platinum Award. And both in what we feel are key areas that the school should be focusing on. The largest amount we have raised for a school event in my time at the school- and at a challenging time for everyone. Both show what amazing support the school is able to give and offer as well as the fabulous support we get in return.

Make sure you check out the 2 key dates below for Internet Safety Training and our upcoming Open Afternoon. Get them both in the diary.



We have today received notification that our BREAKFAST CLUB has been awarded the Brighton and Hove City Council and Public Health Schools Team PLATINUM AWARD. An upgrade from our Gold Award.

This Platinum Healthy Choice Platinum Award is an amazing achievement in recognition of the nutritious and age appropriate menus, a wide range of physical activity opportunities, healthy balanced meals and snacks and the new area we will be taking onboard around teeth brushing.

Well done to Mandy and Miss Evans for all of their hard work in achieving this prestigious honour.


Therefore, that means we are Platinum Play. Platinum Breakfast Club. In addition, we have some of the best progress results in the country and the top in Brighton and Hove. Well done Fairlight.

You can see more about this on our Reasons to Choose Us section of the Joining Us page https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/school-office/joining-us



I wanted to share some excellent news around the Santa Dash we did before Christmas. At the current count we raised an amazing £4226. There are still a few more forms to come in so this amount might increase a bit still.

I am staggered at this amount and would like to thank everyone for all of their efforts in getting sponsorship as well as everyone who turned up to support the event and of course everyone who took part on the day.

The School Council have this week started the discussions around what they want to buy with this money and how they want to use it to develop and improve  Golden Time as well as work around pupil well being.



Save the space in your diary.

8th February 2024.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to come into school to see the learning that has been taking place.

Some classes will be holding a Museum style open afternoon where you will be guided around the room. Some classes will have all of their books and work out for you to see. Some will be hosting special lessons for you to join in with. Some might even have a little performance for you.

You can arrive between 2pm and 2.15pm to join in with this fun afternoon. You will be asked to sign in at the school office.


Our advice is to go immerse yourself in the classroom for 30-45 minutes.

If you have more than one child you may want to do 15-20 minutes in each of their classrooms. We would love it if you took your children to see each other’s work as well as there is not often chance for this to take place.

Children will be allowed to leave school with parents from 2.40pm. You will need to sign them and you out at the school office.



You shop. Fairlight PTA gets money. For free. 


We are writing to ask for your help. 


easyfundraising is one of the ways that charities like Fairlight PTA can raise funds without asking families for money. 


It is quick and easy to sign up (it should take less than 2 minutes) and free to use. You don’t have to enter lots of personal information, just a name and email address. We will not ask you to buy anything other than your usual shopping, but if you do this by visiting the easyfundraising website or app first, then we can raise vital funds for our school. 


To give you an idea of the potential for donations - until now, 17 people have used easyfundraising to raise money for us - and between them they have raised more than £330 (a huge thank you to those people)! So imagine how much we could raise if more of us were using it! And all funds will go towards helping our children to achieve and enjoy their education. 


Please consider signing up and asking friends and family to do the same. Also, using the link below means that once you have raised £5, easyfundraising will match this and donate another £5 to the PTA. 




"It's really easy… it does everything with one click when I'm doing my usual online shopping. It's great to know that something so easy is helping my niece's school." Fairlight fundraiser



This weekend is the last weekend for applications to join the school in Reception for September 2024.

Don’t forget to tell parents, neighbours, friends and everyone what an amazing school Fairlight is and how lucky we would be for them to join us but also what a fantastic thing it would be for them.

The Joining us page can also give advice for anyone who might be thinking about sending their children to Fairlight https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/school-office/joining-us



We have received an update from the LA to give us advanced warning of potential cold weather next week. Don’t forget to check out the Weather Advice pages on our website that tell you what we will be doing https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/school-office/good-attendance-at-fairlight/severe-weather



Check out the Parent Training session information planned for 18th January 2024. 

This is the training that parents requested.

It is called Parenting in the Digital World and is on Zoom at 7pm.

I would urge you to attend as this is key information on how to keep your child safe in the digital world we now live in.





Welcome back to everyone. I hope you had a good break. 

This term sees some big decisions made in Brighton and Hove around education.

This is by parents choosing a school for their child as well as by the Council about schools in the city.

At Fairlight we are waiting to see what the impact of these decisions are going to be for us and the city.

We continue to show parents around who want to send their children to Fairlight.

Some new information to help parents has been written by Mr Jordan and is on the Joining Us page.


It might be good for everyone to read this as there are some excellent things written here about our school and some excellent news about many aspects of the school.

You should all be very proud of our school and I would urge you to share this to everyone outside of our school community also. I say this as I am aware that there continues to be work by other schools and parents promoting their schools and in some cases making comments about other schools.  

Fairlight is an amazing school- so let's tell everyone. 


Parent Training for Internet Safety

Check out the Parent Training session information planned for 18th January 2024. 

This is the training that parents requested.

It is called Parenting in the Digital World and is on Zoom at 7pm.

I would urge you to attend as this is key information on how to keep your child safe in the digital world we now live in.




As you may recall (and your children will tell you) we have a high focus on Play at Fairlight. 

We have recently been awarded Platinum (which is higher than gold) status for the 3rd time as part of our most recent Opal Assessment for the quality of Play that we provide. 

This is amazing and makes us one of only a handful of schools worldwide who have achieved this level. At last count it is less than 6. 

This has meant that we will become one of the automatic and founding members of the Opal College.

And excitingly, the award will be presented at the Houses of Parliament and Fairlight will be speaking to a gathered audience about the importance of play. We are hoping to share our thoughts and plans to MPs around Play.  

To find out more check out the Opal page of our website https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/in-the-classroom/teaching-and-learning-at-fairlight/opal-play-at-fairlight



Welcome to Mr Lee Kenneally (Y6 Octopus) and Miss Dulcie Yeaman (Y5 StingRay) who have joined us as teachers this term. I know you will join me in making them feel very welcome.


MDSA Roles in School

We have a number of Midday Supervisor Roles in school at the current time. If you would be interested in joining our Play Team and working in the school at lunchtime please contact the school office for more information.

Or click on the link to apply https://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/jobs/job-details?job_id=38697


New Governors

We currently have several vacancies for Governors at Fairlight. 

If you are interested in becoming a governor or want to find out more then check out the Governors page or speak to Mr Jordan for more details.

We are particularly looking to develop our governing body to be more representative of the groups we have in school so would be particularly interested to hear from Governors from some of our overseas families. 



Attendance Drop In

Information has been sent to parents about a number of Attendance Drop In Sessions run by the Local Authority aimed at supporting parents with attendance. This has been directed to parents whose children's attendance is already being monitored along the guidelines set out by the Local Authority.

If you have not seen this information and would like to find out more then please contact the office. 



We are looking for a door if anyone has one spare. It is needed in the Playground for play. 

If you do please let Chris (Caretaker) or Jezz (Play Lead) know.  

Our Beautiful Garden



What a busy end to the term we have had at Fairlight. In the last two weeks we have seen:

  • Nursery Songs and singing- which is now online
  • An amazing Reception Show
  • Key Stage 1 performing in the Church
  • Key Stage 2 performing in the Church
  • Lapland Around the Level Santa Dash- photos now online
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Christmas events in classrooms
  • Hamper Donations and collection
  • PTA Christmas Fair
  • End of Term Celebration Assembly

And so much more learning and fun in school.

Thank you to everyone who attended one, any or all of these events.

And to everyone who attended the Fair, who sponsored a runner or who donated to the Hampers.

Everyone at Fairlight Primary and Nursery School would like to wish you all are Happy Christmas and Joyous New Year. 



I wanted to include the photo above of our beautiful Garden just to say how amazing it looks but also to thank everyone who is involved in keepin git looking like this.



What an amazing term for events. Well done and thank you to everyone who got involved by either attending or by organising. Much more to come next term.  



School will be open for children on Wednesday 3rd January 2024 at 8.40am.



We end the term with several goodbyes to staff who will be leaving us. 

Teachers Mr Hunter (Y6) and Miss Parker Lennox (Y5) will both be leaving us at the end of this term. We wish them every success for their future endeavours.

Octopus (Y5) will be taught by Mr Kenneally and Sting Ray (Y6) will be taught by Miss Yeaman. Both have had the chance to meet their new classes and are looking forward to starting with us at Fairlight.

I know you will join me in making them feel very welcome.



Please take 5 minutes to complete the Pupil Place Consultation. The link is here.

As I have shared EVERYONE across Brighton and Hove should be able to have their view listened to and not just those who shout the loudest.


And a thank you to those parents who have been "active" in sharing how amazing Fairlight is when others continue to belittle and besmirch. 



Some photos of the day have been put on the Lapland Around the Level page. Take a look.




Christmas can be a tough time for many. 

Links to where to get support are on our parent pages.

This includes where HAF events are running across the city.

These events mean parents and children can attend and often get a meal as well as take part in a range of activities.

And mostly importantly some of them are fun for all the family.



If you need help completing any of the forms then please speak to the office.

There are also some links to places where you can get support with finances and advice. 





We are doing a little mini review of our Breakfast Club to improve and update what we do. 

If you use Breakfast Club or are thinking about using Breakfast Club then click on the link and tell us your thoughts.

We have already made one change. You have changed our Breakfast Club booking system so that you can now book your child on to Breakfast Club the day before you want them to attend.



ADVANCED NOTICE OF TESCO VOTING (Mid January 2024 until the end of March 2024)

I am writing to give you advanced notice of something we are involved in with Tesco in Janaury 2024.

This is so that over the Chrismtas holidays you can give all of your family and friends clear instruction to vote for Fairlight.

Our Project is called Fairlight Primary and Nursery School Food Fun at FairlightOur aim is for every child to leave Fairlight able to apply the principles, and understand the benefits, of a healthy and varied diet, and learn practical cooking skills for life.The project with the highest number of votes across your region will receive £1,500 (or the amount that was requested up to this value), the second placed project £1,000 (or the amount that was requested up to this value), and the third placed project £500.  To re-iterate, if you are first in the vote, you will receive the amount that you requested in your application (or the amount that was requested up to £1,500).Stores which will vote on your projectPlease see below a list of stores taking part in the voting on your project.  Feel free to share this list of stores amongst your supporters and within your community.  2696    Hove Express    Small unit      BN3 6NF2700    Hove    Large unit      BN3 2DL2704    Hove Denmark Vlls Exp   Small unit      BN3 3TJ2724    Droveway Hove Express   Small unit      BN3 6LE3052    Portslade       Small unit      BN41 1GB3447    Woodingdean Express     Small unit      BN2 6BB3461    Westrn Rd Brightn Exp   Small unit      BN3 1JB5321    Jubilee St Brghtn Exp   Small unit      BN1 1GE6012    Brightn Queens Rd Exp   Small unit      BN1 3XF6576    Westway Hove Exp        Small unit      BN3 8LDTo check the location of any of the above stores, please go to the Tesco website here: http://www.tesco.com/store-locator/uk

Weekly Update

Autumn Term Week 13

Wow! We are very lucky to have such amazing children at Fairlight who have all shown how talented they are this week from speaking roles, to singing, to acting, to dancing, to playing musical instruments and some who just lived the experience. The week ended with a Santa Dash Lapland around the Level. Which was amazing.

The end of this Weekly Update includes a little update that I want to share with parents related to the Local Authority consultation about pupil places in Brighton and Hove. It does feel a little like Emoji Mr J might be back giving you his view and thoughts- like he did during the whole Covid episode!!! Please take a few moments to read it. 



What an amazing event and so well planned and organised by Miss Evans and her team of Elves.

So far this year she has organised the Let's Connect and Santa Dash. I am sure she could do weddings and big events also if the price was right!!

We will let you know more about the amount raised once we have the money from sponsors and have had a big count up.

Needless to say it was an amazing effort from everyone who took part and a great event.

Same time next year everyone??



On Monday and Tuesday we will be accepting donations from parents and staff to go towards our Christmas Hampers.

These will be given to those who need a little bit of extra help at this tricky time of year.

ANY and ALL donations can be brought in on Monday and Tuesday and left at the gate or in the playground.

Whatever you think would be good for a Christmas Parcel.

Christmas treats. Presents. Gifts. Surprises.



We have managed to secure some amazing Computer and Internet training for parents in January.

This will be online- so you can access from home.

Thursday 18th January 2024 at 7.00pm

More details of how to join will follow in the new school year. 



We were lucky enough to just catch Kevin as he passed the school this week running one of his 7 Marathons in 7 days to raise awareness and funds for Motor Neuron Disease. We gave him a huge cheer and clap as he passed the end of the road by school.




It can be a little overwhelming for our Nursery children to perform their Christmas songs and show with an audience so this year we have recorded some of the songs for you and put them on our Christmas page.

This also means that family- wherever they are in the world- can also see them perform.

If you want a little "ahhhh" moment go a take a look.

This will be live next week.



As some of you are aware the Local Authority is currently consultating around school places in Brighton and Hove. 

The current consultation does not involve Fairlight Primary and Nursery School. 

It does however involve other local schools.

This decision was made by the Local Authority.

The consultations are two fold- with one around closing schools in Brighton and Hove. The other is about reducing the number of children in some schools. 

This positive action is much needed and comes after many years of Headteachers and school leaders wanting action. 

To put it simply there are less children in Brighton and Hove than ever before. There are too many school places. It is becoming to expensive to live in Brighton. 

And this means schools are having financial difficulties in running as we are funded based on bums of seats. 

At Fairlight we have navigated this with difficulty but have always ensured we continue to provide high quality provision in school for all children and families.

How this goal of reducing school places is achieved is never going to be easy and will mean some very tough decisions.


What has become clear in the past week however is that some local schools are looking to protect their school by making some quite wild and innacurate statements about other schools. Local communities. And how children from other schools and communities would be better off if they attended their school. Much of the data and reasoning they are using is inaccurate or without detailed context or background. "Lies, damned lies and statistics" to quote Mark Twain.

This information is then being shared on social media and in the local press to gather support by parents from within this community.


Firstly I would ask that you don't believe this information. 

But secondly I would encourage you to challenge this. 

Not by being rude, offensive or disrespectful- I have struggled with this one myself.

But by telling them how fantastic the school that your children attend is. 

By reminding them that communities in Bear Road and the Lewes Road who 'deserve to attend this excellent school' already attend excellent schools. 


I have written to those who have started these campaigns to outline the following.

  • A good school should not seek to belittle or besmirch others in order to make themselves sound or appear good.
  • We do not need your pity or charity. Neither do the families in these areas.
  • That we will challenge any comments made against our school and community and if required take action.

But most importantly that communities in the local area are having to think about their local school closing and having to move schools.

And that they should show a little more respect and decorum and not think about their own self interest. 




Another mega busy week at Fairlight but also lots of things planned and ready in the diary for the last two weeks of term. So get those dates written in your diary or on the calendar. 



In case you hadn't noticed the school is in full Christmas mode.

Please don't forget to check our Christmas page for detailed updates.


However at a quick glance:

  • Tuesday 5th December 2023: 9.00am Key Stage 1 Christmas Show- St Martins Church
  • Thursday 7th December 2023: 9.00am Key Stage 2 Christmas Show- St Martins Church
  • Friday 8th December 2023: SANTA DASH- The Level
  • Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th December 2023: Christmas Hamper Giving
  • Tuesday 12th December 2023: Reception Christmas Show- School Hall
  • Wednesday 13th December 2023: Christmas Dinner Day- Wear your Christmas Jumper to School



Christmas is a time of giving. And at Fairlight we have a tradition where people bring in items (similar to Harvest) and we use these items to make up Hampers for those who may need a helping hand over Christmas.

It is our aim this year to make 20 of these special Hampers.

The items people bring in range from food that might be useful over the Christmas period. Gloves, hats and other items such as toiletries. Or toys or gifts that could be given at Christmas.

We will be accepting any donations on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th in the playground at the start of the day.

Then the Fairlight Christmas Elves will be making up the Hampers and arranging for them to be collected or delivered.

Thank you in advance for everyone who takes part in this.

I know for many it might be a tough time of year and it shows the true Christmas spirit that people are thinking of others.



Please check out the poster and sponsorship form on the Christmas at Fairlight page. 

We are asking you to sponsor the children (and their teachers!) to help raise money for our wonderful school. The money raised will be used towards supporting our children's well-being. We have some exciting ideas that we wish to implement but we can only do it with your help.


So, why not get involved too? (A guaranteed way to get on Santa's good list!)


Feel free to either turn up and cheer us on or get involved as we ‘Lapland’ around the Level. Tell your neighbours and work colleagues and get them to dig deep for a brilliant cause.


Bring your friends, family, pushchairs and pets – everyone is welcome. (No training needed - just be ready to have fun as the festive tunes help us get in the Christmas spirit!)


We look forward to seeing you next week.


Here are the times that your child's year group will be at the Level.


9.30 - Year 1

9.50 - Year 2

10.10- Year 3

10.30 - Year 4

10.50 - Year 5

11.15 - Year 6



This is outside the School Office.

If you child wants to practise their writing skills and send some Christmas Cards then please ensure they put the full name and class of who they are sending it to.

The Christmas Office Elves will deliver these every couple of days.   



The School Council met for the first time this week.

They had their first big vote as a new School Council.

An important decision was made.

This years School Council badges will be Orange.

See the School Council page for a list of who is on the School Council this year.




Our Shaun the Sheep has returned to Fairlight this week.

Chris is currently looking at where his new home can be in the school. 




Another busy week in school with so many things going on and lots of preparation for the weeks to come.

We have seen Stone Age children roaming the corridors along with a few Sabre Toothed children, a football tournament, a girls' football festival and football match and PTA Pre Loved Uniform sale. And of course lots of amazing learning. 



Don't forget to check out our Christmas page to ensure you have all of the Christmas dates in your diary as well as the PTA page for updates on some upcoming events.  All dates are also on your Ping calendar.

Also find out about what to do if you do not want your child taking part in our Christmas celebrations due to religous reasons.




Dont forget this Thursday is non uniform day- bring a bottle. And this Friday is the PTA SMALL SNUG AND WARM Christmas Fair- wear something warm to school- it might be a Christmas Jumper/ onesie or double socks.



We have been made aware that there continue to be a few problems at the Patch between children from different schools. It would appear they are often on their own and not with adults. 

Parents please ensure you tell us when there are problems you are aware of as I do speak to the Headteachers at other schools.



GIRLS FOOTBALL FESTIVAL: A team from Lower Key Stage 2 had an excellent time representing the school this week at the girls Football Festival. For many it was the first time playing football as well as representing the school.

BRIGHTON SCHOOLS FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT: We had a great afternoon taking part in this. A tough group ended with a draw and a couple of 1-0 defeats meant we progressed into the qualifying rounds and didn't automatically qualify for the quarter finals. We then found out scoring form and a 3-0 win meant we headed towards a quarter final game. Our quarter final ended full time at 0-0 so it was straight to penalties. The pressure finally told and we ended up losing here. A great experience for the 10 players who represented the school.

FIRST MATCH OF THE SEASON IN THE LEAGUE: On Friday Fairlight took on St Marks in our first game of the season. The weather has really impacted our training and several earlier games have been called off due to flooded pitches. A great start saw us go 1-0 up with a long drop kick from our goalkeeper Caspar which took a great bounce over the keeper's head. We then took some pressure and found ourselves 2-1 behind. Some great team spirit saw us pull it back and we got to half time 3-2 ahead. 

A tight and tense second half saw off the line clearances, posts being hit, amazing saves, free kicks and open goals missed. 

With the last kick of the game St Marks equalised- the whistle blew as the ball hit the net.

A 3-3 draw was a fair result and gives the team and strong base to start the season. 



Another busy week in school with some many things going on in the classrooms but also in the office and behind the scenes in planning for a range of exciting upcoming events and activities.

I know I am a little biased however we are very lucky to have such amazing and dedicated staff, parents and children.

This week I have seen teachers planning and organising Maths Day as well as their normal lessons and planning. PTA members and parents sorting and getting things in place for the Christmas events in school. Children from various classes standing up and putting forward their ideas of why they want to be on the school council. Office staff speedily sorting photos and Christmas gifts from orders to get them home as quick as possible.

And that is on top of the normal day, week and challenges. 

Thank you to all. 



"I'm here for the Maths" was a comment made by a parent as they arrived to sign in for the Maths Afternoon. I said we should have got t-shirts made with this on. And think I probably could have sold a large number of these. 

It was great to see so many parents in school.

One of our Key Strategic Objectives for Change is around Parental Engagement and we have already this school year had a number of events in school for parents to participate in. 

We would like some feedback on the Maths Day to help with our continued focus on developing Maths but also to help us to continue to develop and plan for further open days and events.




Don't forget to check out the PTA page to find out more about the amazing things that are planned and going to be taking part in the coming weeks and months.




Please be aware the Front Door of the school will remain closed whilst the school gates are open.

This is to ensure the safety and well being of all members of the school community.

From a Health and Safety point of view it can be extremely challenging to have a number of different doors and entrances open at the same time. This is not about restricting and making it difficult to get in to school. It is in fact about cutting down the number of exits. 

We do in the morning sometimes have several children who take a bit longer to settle and take a bit longer to come in to school. And to then have numerous different exits can be a little tempting. And that's just the pupils. I haven't mentioned the staff who might leg it also!!

In seriousness though. This has never happened however we don't want it to.



Check out information about the Brighton and Hove Santa Bus on our Christmas page.




We from time to time have to talk to children (and sometimes parents) about their behaviour.

When we do it can often be a challenging conversation as to move this conversation on we need the children to understand their actions. The consequences of their actions. And why these have to be.

However one of the key areas we often find the most challenging is parties taking responsibility for their actions.

Often the first thing we find is that children will not take responsibility and make excuses or look to excuse their actions.

We are often apporached by parents about how they can also have a conversation with their child about taking responsibility and moving past the excuses.

On our Inclusion Page where we put support for parents we have put a video called Stop Making Excuses that we have succesfully used recently when working with children.

It might be good for parents to have a watch and decide if they feel it might be good to watch together to start some meaningful discussion.




I am writing this ahead of the end of the week and tempting fate.

Kom op Brighton. Fleur de Albion op.

If you know, you know.

I was also going to say how lovely it was to finally get the wet and windy weather out the way. However guess what is back...



This is becoming an increasing problem for some children.

Juliana our Attendance Lead sent the following PING this week.

Children should arrive between 8.40 & 8.50. Registration in class starts at 8.45. It closes at 8.55.   They need to be here no later than 8.50 so they have a few minutes to walk up to class before registers are closed and lessons begin.   Adjust your routine in the morning & the night before, to allow for this. Children miss the instructions for the day, & the rest of the class and the teacher are interrupted by their late arrival.

As I always say to parents "children are not late for school- it is the parents who are bringing them or parenting them who are late".

The times of the school day, the registers and gates opening are all very clear.

So if the register closes at 8.55 and you arrive at the gate at 8.55 then unless you have a pair of magic shoes then you will not make it to class in time to get a register mark so you will be late.

With the same scenario you will also need to move pretty quick if you are in Y4 to get from the gate at 8.50 to make it to class for 8.55. And some of our children don't move very quickly in the morning.

The key to this all however is what time the adult decided to leave the house and what time the adult decided to get breakfast and possibly even get everyone up and going.

In many cases we are talking about small children who can't drive and even some who don't make their own breakfast. 

So as I say it isn't down to them that they are late.

We used to have a simple saying to people who arrived late at the office. 


Just 5 minutes might make all the difference. 

And you might be thinking why is this so important?

When you go somewhere next time and you arrive late- think about how that makes you feel? How anxious you might be walking in somewhere late with everyone watching you? Would you understand everything that is going on if you missed the start? Isn't it nicer to arrive calmly then to be rushing madly to get in? Wasn't it nicer when you chatted to your friends before rather than later?  

To find out more about Attendance check out our Attendance Pages https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/school-office/good-attendance-at-fairlight



A couple of additional dates have been added to the Christmas page.


The PTA met this week and have decided to "squeeze" a few things in the diary in the run up to Christmas.

30th November PTA NON UNIFORM DAY- Wear your own clothes and donate a bottle for the Bottle Hoopla at the Christmas Fair. This can be a bottle of alcohol, soft drink or toiletries such as shampoo or shower gel. If it is alcoholic, it must be delivered by an adult via the Office. 

Friday 1st December SMALL, SNUG AND WARM CHRISTMAS FAIR in the playground after school. A chance to get some Christmas presents and stocking fillers, sample some yummy cakes and maybe even meet Santa!



Check out the amazing things everyone has said about this brilliant week.




Fairlight Says NO to Bullying.

Next week is National Anti Bullying week 13th – 17th November.

We will kick off the week with Odd Socks Day on Monday 13th November.

Please send your children to school in odd socks! It’s a great way to celebrate what makes us all unique in Anti Bullying Week!

The theme this year is Make a Noise about Bullying. 

Your children will be having an assembly and some carefully planned lessons and activities about this subject.

The children will be encouraged to think about who they can talk to if they either see this behaviour or experience it themselves.



Working together to Say NO to Bullying


What is Bullying?

Bullying is deliberately unkind behavior which has 3 components:

1. It is repeated and goes on over time.

2. It is deliberate, not accidental.

3. It is unequal in that it involves the person/people bullying having some sort of power over the person experiencing the bullying.


Bullying is Not…

· A one off argument or fight

· A friend sometimes being nasty or arguing.

· When a friend decides they don’t want to play with someone one day.


Bullying Behaviour can be:

  • Physical – hurting, kicking, punching etc
  • Verbal – abuse or name calling etc
  • Non-verbal – gestures and looks
  • Indirect – e.g. persistently, deliberately excluding from friendships and games, spreading rumours.
  • Cyber – e-mail, text, social websites e.g. Facebook


Bullying Roles and Behaviours

We do not talk about ‘bullies’ or ‘victims’. This is because words like these label people. We are talking about behavior, not a fixed way a person is.



What do we do if we are a target of, or have witnessed, bullying behavior?

· Tell an adult immediately – the first port of call is your own class teacher.

· This is not ‘grassing’ – telling is being responsible and kind. Unless we know about it we can’t do anything to stop it.

Here at Fairlight we take bullying behavior very seriously.

We do not tolerate bullying behavior in any form and teach all children that no-one deserves to be bullied.

We are a TELLING school: we encourage all members of our school community to report bullying.


Further Advice for Parents and Carers

  • Encourage your child to talk about any problems with you and reassure them that you will take it seriously.
  • If your child is reluctant to tell an adult at school please talk to their class teacher.
  • The teacher will investigate and report back to you so you know clearly what is happening about this.
  • Give us time to sort out the problem. If you are still worried, then arrange to speak to a senior member of staff.
  • Do not approach the child using bullying behavior yourself.

There are some great websites that offer more detailed practical advice.




What a week!!

INSET Training for staff on Vision, First Aid and Anti Racism, PTA SPooky Dressing up, Lets Connect Day, learning and of course a storm with wind and rain (usually appearing at 8.40am and 3.00pm).

And it's not even Friday when this is written.



Thank you to everyone who made the effort to dress up and support this day. 

A total of £265.75 was raised.

There were some amazingly scarey costumes on show. 



Everyone had a fantastic day making new connections and experiencing a range of different activities and learning opportunities.

We will be uploading some images from the day to show you some of the exciting things the children learned or made or experienced as well as giving some more explanation aroun the day. 

Some of the many experiences on the day included Badge-making, learning how to play a range of board games, Forest School, Playground games, Mad Science Experiments, Cooking and much much more. Including having playtime at the same time as the whole school for the first time.

Check out some of the exciting things that happened.




Calling all future world or universe leaders. Future activists. Future movers and shakers.

It is time for you to start learning how to influence people.

How to get people to share with you their thoughts and feelings.

But starting at the beginning- to get them to vote for you to represnt them.

All of the information about being a School Councillor, why we have a School Council and how you can apply to be your class councillor are now live.

The dates when all of this needs to be completed are also here.




We have been asked recently by a number of parents if we can help them with internet safety.

Not around their own internet safety but having a better understanding of how to keep their children safe online.

Often parents are asking us because they have come to the conclusion that their child in fact knows more than they do about how to use the computer.

And in many cases this is correct.

In our experience even parents who work with computers and sometimes in IT might think they know about internet safety and computers however what they don't know is the current things or how their child is using the internet.  

And when we talk about internet safety we are not just talking about computers. 

We are meaning phones, tablets, games consoles and a whole range of gadgets that access the internet.

To get a better understanding of how we can help it would be good to know a bit more about this problem.

This brief survey should take minutes to complete.




Thank you to everyone for their understanding and for following the advice we have given around this.

It was a good chance for us to test our systems prior to the winter.

These can be found on our Severe Weather page. 


Our irony of our most recent addition to the Opal Playground equipment (photo below) was not lost on many this week!



From time to time we are asked by parents to support them with problems they are having out of school.

Sometimes these problems spill into school due to poor parenting in terms of acting as role models. 

When this does happen we can and do act. 

However often these problems need to be resolved out of school for what we do in school to be effective.

The council have given advice on how to tackle and resolve these matters.


The police are also clear on how to resolve matters but also to report these as a crime should they not be able to be resolved. 




Friday Football Club is not on this week (Friday 3rd November)  due to poor weather and wet conditions underfoot- the Level is flooded again!!

ADVANCED WARNING- No Football next Friday (Friday 10th November) also as Mr Jordan is not able to attend. 



Autumn Term Week 7

And relax...

This is the last weekly update of the first half of the Autumn Term.

Have a lovely break and we will see everyone on Tuesday 31st October.

School will be closed on Monday 30th October to children for INSET. On this day staff will be undertaking some training in areas ranging from First Aid to Identity and Anti Racism.



Currently there is lots going on the world that children will no doubt see and hear in the news.

This can often be tricky for parents to explain as even as grown ups we struggle to understand why people do things or say things- especially politicians.

To help you might want to watch these clips with your children.

BBC Newsround is news aimed at children that explains but also supports with the message and story.

BBC Newsround report on the situation (a more up to date version may be available)

Dealing with the news Advice if you are upset by the news - CBBC Newsround



This week in school Juliana (Attendance Officer) has shared an assembly with the children about the importance of good attendance.

This is the link to the Powerpoint as well as other information about Good Attendance that parents and children need to be aware of.





If you have any of the following then Reception and Nursery would love them. Please let us know or bring them to the office.

  • Tyres
  • Crates
  • Wood panels / pallets
  • logs
  • bark / sand / stones
  • netting
  • outside beanbags 
  • tubing/pipes


We would love to have a week or 6 after half term where we don't have to send the Nit Alert PING.

To achieve this it does require EVERYONE to have a good comb, condition or nit treatment as well as a check of hair.

And EVERYONE is EVERYONE in the family.



Don't forget there is an increase in the cost of School Dinners after half term. The price will be £2.60 per meal and will increase again in January to £2.70.

Also don't forget you need to ensure your Parent Pay accounts are in credit.

Dinner debts have increased recently and we do not have the money to cover any more. 



There are lots of exciting things planned for next term that you might want to put in your calendar or diary now to remind you. It may also be that you need to change your work diary or book the time off to come and join us for these events.



We have two upcoming events to tell you about.

On Friday this week (20th October) we will be collecting donations for two of our local food banks. If you are able to contribute, please bring donations along to drop-off or pick-up on Friday. There are a number of items that are especially needed at the moment, which are listed below. Please check use by dates and do not bring anything that needs to be refrigerated. Items needed: Pasta, rice, instant coffee, tins of veg (tomato, sweetcorn, peas, carrots, new potatoes), tinned soup, custard, tinned pies, tinned meat curry, tinned spaghetti, white carbonara sauce, UHT milk, fruit juice cartons, breakfast cereal, cooking oil, toilet paper, basic toiletries.

On Tuesday 31st October we will be having a spooky dress-up day at school and nearer the time we will ask for small voluntary donations to go along with this. You can donate on Parent Pay.

Thank you for reading, and we are looking forward to working together for our school!



We are having another one of our popular Open Afternoons on Tuesday 14th November.

This time the theme is Maths.

Please join us at 1:45 at the School Office to sign in (we will open the doors at 1.35) and then to go to class to find out more about how we teach Maths in school. 

Come and play some Maths games with your child in their class.

Don't miss it. Save the date now.

Parents who do attend (from 1.45) will be able to take their children home from 2.45 on this day after they have had an hour's Maths fun!



All of the dates for Christmas events in school are now on the Christmas page https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/beondtheclassroom/christmas-at-fairlight-2023 

Further information will be sent nearer the time however this information is given to you now so that you can start planning to attend.

There is also more information about our Lapland Round the Level.

Weekly Update

Autumn Term Week 6



Don't forget to remind your friends to come and visit the school if they are looking for a school place for September 2023.

Our Parent Tours are getting very booked up and we are expecting a large number of children to apply to join us next year.




The School Meals team have announced an increase in the price of School Dinners starting after half term.

To find out more https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/school-office/milk



The PTA 2023 has now been elected at the PTA AGM this week.

To find out more https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/school-office/pta



Don't forget to read the weekly updates from previous weeks to check for dates and times of events.

Also to check your PING for updates and daily reminders.



Don't forget we have Parents Evening next Tuesday and Thursday. 



We are having another open afternoon on Tuesday 14th November. Please join us at 1:45 to find out more about how we teach maths in school. Come and play some games with your child in their class. Don't miss it! Save the date now!



A busy but well planned day meant that Carly and Alice in the office were able to organise sibling photos before school and then a full day of individual photos.

There was even a chance for a few members of staff to come and update their photo.

And as you can see below someone else wanted to get her photo updated. 

Bessie also is busy raising some money and has asked if you want to help her. 

Bessie is raising some funds for other dogs
Bessie getting her School Photo taken

Weekly Update

Autumn Term Week 5



At the start of the day our Reception parents have been able to bring their children to the door of the classroom.

Reception are however now ready to make the next step.

So from Monday Reception parents will be asked to say goodbye from the ramp and not come in to the playground.

It may feel like a big step however everyone should be so proud of how well everyone has settled in and how quickly they have gotten into the morning routine.

We have also a few Year 1 children whose parents have started to "sneak" into the playground to say goodbye. This will also need to stop as it is causing confusion with the Reception parents and children and for those children who do finding it tricky to come in to school in the morning this is a mixed message. We have worked with their parents to not be in the playground and then when they see another parent the message is lost.

Year 1 parents I would ask you to say goodbye at the gate from Monday.

Those parents who have continued to come into the playground please note that once the children are in the school they are fine and often this is just them showing you who is in charge in the morning. And the clue is not you!! 

Our aim in a couple of weeks is that everyone will be saying goodbye at the gate.

This makes it so much quicker in the morning for everyone to be getting on with their learning.

To break it down the 10 minutes learning they do at the start of the day before and during registers (which is often lost for those children who do long goodbyes or need extra help getting in to classroom in the morning due to needing to seperate from parents) over the year adds up to 1 1/2 days extra learning over the year. 

We will continue to support those children (and occasionaly parents) who are having a bad morning but this should be a one off and not daily. If that is you then speak to someone on the gate that morning. 



The School Gates open in the morning at 8.40 and close at 9.00.

Registers open at 8.45 and close at 8.55.

This gives you a 5 minute chance to get from the gate to the classroom. The reality is it takes around 1 minute.

The observant amongst you will however notice that you might still come in the gate before its closed however won't make it to class before the register closes.

Therefore you are late.

You might have made it through the gate but not made it to class before the register closed.

Our suggestion is to leave earlier if you are late. Or to be on time.

Those children who walk in the gate after 8.50 are directed to the office to get a late slip and to book their dinners. 

Those who arrive after 9.00 will have to enter the school via the front door and do this. And will be marked late.

During our Attendance Termly review we run reports about attendance and lateness is one such report.

This is key area as you have seen above. 10 minutes late daily is a day and a half a year. 

We have had to in previous years hold attendance meetings over lateness that also includes the option for referal to the Local Authority.

Not something we want to do however we know the importance of good habits and also every second in school is key. 



Thank you to all of those people who have put in a Nomination to be part of the PTA Committee 2023 and to take on the roles of Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.

Each of those who have come forward has been contacted to thank them.

Where we have more than one person for a role we are required to have to vote.

Voting information will be sent via PING on Friday afternoon.

All votes must be in by Monday at 4pm.

EVERY parent and member of staff can vote.

The PTA AGM will take place on Tuesday 10th at 6pm in the Children Centre where the outcomes will be finalised and the new committee will be formed.

Exciting times for the PTA ahead.

Check back on the PTA page for further updates and information about voting.




We have a good team of volunteers who have come forward to help in the classrooms and on school trips.

They have been contacted by the school to let them know what paperwork we need and when to come and do some training to get started.

If you are interested in joining this team please contact the school office.



As you know, it has never been more important to support our pupils' mental health and wellbeing.

Fairlight will be hosting ‘Let’s Connect!’ Community day on Wednesday 1st November 2023 to do just this!

‘Let’s Connect!’ Community day at Fairlight, is about encouraging our children to make healthy, rewarding and meaningful connections.

We know that people thrive in communities and this connection is vital for our wellbeing. When we have healthy connections – to family, friends and others – this can support our mental health and our sense of wellbeing; something which we are keen to promote at Fairlight.

On this day, we will be asking everyone to, ‘Dress to Express!’ This might be by wearing a range of colours or creating a unique outfit to express how you’re feeling.

It can be as simple or elaborate as you like.

Dress to express is an opportunity for self-expression. 

The day itself will involve a variety of exciting and enriching experiences for our pupils to enjoy.

Parents you can get involved also.

We would love to invite you to kick the day off in style by joining us for ‘Wake ‘n’ Shake!’ in the playground at 8.45am. 

Weekly Update

Autumn Term Week 4

A bit of a "Headteacher asking for help" start to this weeks update and then a celebration of some of the amazing things that have happened this week.



This week we have seen a worrying increase in parents contacting the office to "check" things that were shared either in the weekly update or sent by PING.

This takes the office away from a number of other roles and things they do during the school day.

It also causes me concern as the weekly update is written to try and gives as much information as possible and to ensure everyone knows what is going on.

Please can everyone make an effort to read the weekly update and the PINGS sent each day and week.

Also don't forget to check the other pages on the website as we try to put as mouch information on here to stop the phonecalls and visitors to the office to ask.#

If you haven't checked your PINGS you won't know about Parents Evening, School Nurse Drop in and School Photos.



Thank you to everyone who has made the efforts and followed the new rules around the front door.

We continue to monitor all aspects of Safeguarding and this is one we keep a very close eye on.

The rule is simple- if the gates are open then the front door will be locked.

As you know teachers do have eyes in the back of their heads but in order to keep everyone safe at the start and end of the day we would need glasses, binoculars and 10 sets of eyes. And also as I have shared this would be for the children- who do follow the rules. It is the parents and adults who don't.



Thank you to everyone who is now trying not to sit on our neighbours front door steps before and after school.

We have a large number of new neighbours who have moved in to houses around by the school as they study at Sussex and Brighton Univeristy.

I will be writing to all neighbours to welcome them and to update others on things at Fairlight. 



This Friday is the deadline for nominations to become part of our 2023-24 PTA. 

See the previous Weekly Updates for information.



Exciting news about our OPAL Play Assessment will follow in the coming weeks however last week we held an OPAL Open Day where a number of schools from across the south of england came to see the amazing work we do at Fairlight around play.

I can tell you that the children did us proud.

At one point there were around 20 adults out at lunch play and everyone just got on with their play.

Everyone who visited said how impressed they were with what they saw. Excellent behaviour. Everyone engaged in various play. And no poor behaivour. 

Well done Fairlight.



Over 50 parents attended our recent Parents Reading Afternoon to find out about how their child is learning reading and to see who they can continue to help with reading at home.

We will be holding further events throughout the year for parents to come in to school to learn about learning.



You will recall we asked for parents to volunteer to come in to school and help with a range of things.

We have started contacting those who said they were interested and have started the paperwork and training plans.

If you are still interested then contact the school office.



Don't forget to tell everyone that we are amazing and to send their children to Fairlight.

The more children we have in school the more resources we have for everyone in school. And therefore the less children we have the less we have to spend on those here.

Parents can book on our Joining Us page https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/school-office/joining-us

A quick Monday morning update.

I have been contacted by some concerned parents over the weekend about reports on Social Media of a young child "escaping" from a Brighton and Hove School.

Firstly I can assure you this was not from Fairlight. 

Secondly I would ask parents to take very lightly lots of the comments and information that is online.

I have seen some of this and have every sympathy for the Headteacher and school in dealing with this as some of the information being posted is so wildy inaccurate and not at all helpful and many have been taken down. 

Reading some posts I had visions of children walking the school yard dropping mud down their trouser leg in scenes reminisent of the Great Escape with Year 6's jumping fences Steve McQueen style on their electric scooters.

Lastly I can assure you that we take the Safety and Well being of our children very seriously.

The issue of Safety and Security is extremely important to us and continually reviewed.

I will say however the biggest issue is not the children it is often impatient or rude adults who do not follow the rules or do not think these rules apply to them.

Below is an update around the Front Door as this is the area we are always updating and reviewing.

As those who have come in to the office late in the morning will know it can often get quite busy.

Between children who arrive in taxis, those who arrive not feeling the joys of spring (children and parents), forgotten lunchboxes, visitors to the school, those who are late and 101 other things it can often get busy.

We would ask everyone to be patient and work with us.

Parent Queries September 2023




A busy few weeks have now resulted in us having lots of share and there is lots and lots of information for you to digest so sit back, get comfortable and lets begin.



Today in school we launched the start of the House Competitions with a Staff v Staff Gladiator style events in the playground. 

Staff teams from each of our houses battled with maltesters, cups, yogurt, up and over relays and Oreos to see which house would win.

Some tough games resulted in Yellow House coming out on top.

More events are planned throughout the year. 



Nominations for roles on the PTA are now open.

Check out the PTA page for more information.


It is important to have a strong PTA and this is an area that your help is needed.



We continue to have concerns raised about parents waiting on other peoples property in various roads around the school- outside the main gate- outside the front door- outside the Nursery entrance.  

I am working hard (and wasting a lot of valuable time) to listen to members of the local community and to work on a variety of solutions to how to improve many aspects of the local area for the children, families and staffs benefit. This includes looking at waiting areas, improving traffic, parking and shelters. 

What I still struggle to understand however is how parents cannot comprehend that you can't sit on someone elses front door step.

I know I would get pretty fed up if I came out of my house to find people sitting right outside my front door on my property.

And the argument that "you live by a school" is not good enough.

Please be a good neighbour and stop this.



Brighton and Hove Albion Foundation have launched a Rainbow Laces Design and Shirt Competition.

Anyone Under 16 is able to enter and could win the chance to see their design made in to a giant shirt as well as win Match Day tickets (which are hard to get hold of).

Go to the Friday Football page to find out how to enter.




We are pleased to announce that Fairlight Primary School will be working with Brighton & Hove City Council on a proposed new School Street scheme to be introduced this academic year.

How it Works

School Streets schemes are designed to address issues on the roads around schools at drop off and pick up times, including congestion, illegal or unsafe parking and air quality issues. This can be achieved by restricting access to motor vehicles on the roads around schools for one hour at each end of the day, during drop off and pick up times. This reduction in traffic provides a safer environment and more available road space for children and their families to make the school journey by more sustainable and active modes of travel.

In the first instance, a School Streets trial is planned for implementation starting on Monday 30 October 2023 for an initial period of 6 to 18 months. Vehicles will be prohibited from entering Hastings Road from its junction with Franklin Road on school-term weekdays only at the following times:

·        8:15am to 9:15am

·        2:45pm to 3:45pm