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Asthma form

If your child has asthma and they need an inhaler during the school day, you should bring it to class when they first start school. This will be kept in school for the duration of their time here. You will need to make a note of the expiry date and bring in a new inhaler, as needed. It is the responsibility of the parent to keep up to date with their child's medication, and inform the school of any changes. In order for us to have medication on site we need you to complete online form below. Please give us as much detail as possible about when your child will need their inhaler, and what symptoms to look out for. If a child is in KS2 it may be that they can self - administer. If so notify us below. Once the form is submitted, we can share the information with your class teacher and the inhaler can be brought to class. Please make sure it is clearly marked with your child's name and the day's date.