Year 3 Art Gallery


Tiger, Tiger!

"Tyger Tyger, burning bright,. In the forests of the night;. What immortal hand or eye,. Could frame thy fearful symmetry?" - William Blake


We learnt about the tigers of the Sundarban mangrove forest at the mouth of the River Ganges in Bangladesh, and those that live in Ranthambore National Park in India. We studied the famous painting 'Surprised! A Tiger in a Tropical Storm' by Henri Rousseau. We then created collages. We mixed our own shades of green and painted pieces of paper... then ripped them into small parts like jungle leaves. We drew a tiger, learning about the shape of its body, and practicing our sketching and 'imperfect' lines.

The Iron Man

We created art based upon the book The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, using foil wrapped around card. For some art, we etched the foil to create reflective details, and used marker pens. For other Iron Men, we used pastels on black paper, thinking about light and shadow. Here we used some of the skills and techniques we had practised making our art for The Story Machine.

The Story Machine

We read the book The Story Machine. We decided to recreate a famous double-spread page in the book, when Elliott goes into the basement and shines his torch! We used black paper as a background, and bright pastels to represent the light of the torch. We drew our own Elliott.