Congratulations to the winners of 'Fairlight's Golden Lottery.' 

Over 120 lucky golden ticket winners enjoyed some wonderful experiences. 

Whilst some winners enjoyed food at their V.I.P lunches, tea parties and special breakfasts, (hosted by Mr Hammond/Mrs Avard/Sophia/Stacey and Kaz) others were hard at work making them!

Our winning chefs got to cook up a storm in the kitchen, as they helped prepare lunch for the entire school.

Others were in charge of the desserts by decorating biscuits with Miss Blankson. 

Some pupils had a go at running Fairlight (with Miss Lynn and Mr Jordan) and some were busy maintaining it, by carrying out essential caretaker duties with Chris.  

Mr Knight treated Dolphins’ class to at night at the movies and even ended up breaking his new popcorn maker with the amount of popcorn requested by the Year 1’s!

TA Charlie treated the other year groups by hosting a breaktime with a difference, ‘Xbox games with hot-chocolate.’ We’re not sure who enjoyed it more: Charlie or the children! 

Mr Whatman lost miserably in a very wet water pistol duel and Rach S (along with the entire room) got completely covered in slime.

Miss Evans enjoyed a McDonalds with those wanting to get the lowdown by finding out what 'really' goes on in the staff room. 

Miss. Marchant and Rachel H - the Queens of karaoke - introduced the future generation to ABBA, while Mr Newman’s School of Rock went down a blast.  

There was fabulous facepainting and fantastic friendship bracelet making (with Miss Halfhead, Alice and Donna) and for those wanting the ultimate glow up; they got to have their hair braided by the super talented, Cecilia.

Speaking of talents, our terrific Taekwondo instructor Dionne gave our winners a master class in martial arts and our Spanish speaking Jezz hosted a Swedish lesson for those with a love of languages. 

If that wasn’t enough, there was pizza making, cookie baking, faces aching (from all the laughter and smiles) and above all, a lot of fun had!

A HUGE thank you to all the children and parents who got involved by buying a ticket. Thank you also to the staff who donated their energy, enthusiasm and (at times!) sanity. It was all worth it in the end. 


Miss Evans.