Each year the senior leadership team write a School Improvement Plan to ensure that we are all clear and working towards common goals.

This year there are a few key areas we are focused on:

  • Communication & language skills and vocabulary: Some children have underdeveloped communication & language skills and vocabulary gaps on entry to school which continue to impact upon attainment in subsequent years. Some children have limited wider cultural and varied life experiences and a limited exposure to an enriched language environment which also continues to impact on attainment and progress.
  • Memory: Some children find it difficult to retain and recall prior knowledge which has an impact on their attainment and progress. This has been further impacted by partial school closures in their schooling history and has resulted in knowledge gaps leading to pupils falling behind age-related expectations. 
  • Metacognition and Self-Regulation: Some children need to develop resilience and understanding in applying knowledge and strategies successfully in their learning and relationships. This can mean that some children are reluctant to take risks or take responsibility for the learning.
  • Engagement: Poor parental engagement and aspirations inhibits an ability to support learning.
  • Attendance: Poor attendance has an impact on attainment and progress in the short and long term.
  • Identity: As a community we will combat racism, encourage exploration of identity and promote understanding and acceptance among our students.

We have also produced a document Taking the Temperature at Fairlight Primary and Nursery School 2023-2024 that outlines our principles around what we are doing to monitor as well as why we are "taking the temperature" so that all involved know what is going on, why and the part they play in it.  

Fairlight School Improvement Plan 2023 2024


Taking the Temperature at Fairlight 2023 2024