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  Welcome to the Year 5 page  

Dear Parents and carers,

Welcome to Year 5! We thought it would be useful to give you some key information about Year 5.

Water bottles

It is not essential to have a water bottle at school, but they are permitted. Please could bottles have a name tag as they are often misplaced. Children must only have water in the bottle which they use in the classroom (squash and fruit juice can be brought in for lunchtimes but cannot be drunk in the classroom as they are very sticky if spilt). Children are asked to place their bottle on the floor or the sink - bottles falling off tables are very distracting.


Please make sure your child's jumpers and/or cardigans are named so we can easily return them if they get left around the school or in the playground.


PE will be on Monday and Wednesday. On those days appropriate PE kit should be worn, including appropriate footwear, e.g. trainers with shorts and t shirt, and when the weather gets colder a sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms/leggings. Please no jeans or crop tops.


Every Friday we will post an overview of the week on Seesaw so you know what your child has been learning and have some specific questions to ask them. This is a speaking homework which we hope helps you to know a bit about what goes on in school and helps children to consolidate their understanding.


We will be attaching a list of spellings for children to learn at the end of each spelling objective. Initially these will be common exception words from year 1 and 2, and statutory spellings from year 3 and 4 (we know this may seem strange but these words are frequently used and also frequently misspelt, even in year 5 and 6!). We will have a spelling test the following Monday and throughout the week we will help the children identify the words they need to learn and also strategies they can use to effectively remember them. Please support your child with learning their spellings.


All children should be reading regularly throughout the week. As your child gets more fluent and independent they may want to read alone, in their head, this is fine. However we ask parents/carers to check their child is understanding the story by asking them questions and also encouraging children to check the meaning of words/plots if they are unsure. All children will be give a reading record sheet this week. Once full, it can be brought back to school and exchanged for 2 tokens and a new record sheet. (We will also add a copy to Seesaw in case your child forgets to collect a new one).

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are only needed if your child walking home by themselves. Please fill in the online form below to give permission - https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/school-office/medicine-administration/mobile-phone-permissions Please read the information carefully and share it with your child. Before allowing your child to bring their mobile phone, please bear in mind that our school does not permit their use for communication during the school day. Phones will sit turned off for the entire day inside a box in a locker.

Walking home alone

This may be something you start to think about as your child gets a little older. If you decide to allow your child to walk home alone at any point during the year please read the information on this link carefully and fill in the form to give your permission. https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/school-office/medicine-administration/walking-home-permissions-form

Communication with Year 5 team & School

Please check Seesaw every week as this will be the main way we communicate information. Also keep an eye on the school website front page for all whole school updates.

If there are any issues you need to urgently discuss, please do come and speak to us in the playground or you can email us through the school office or on Seesaw. Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to getting to know both you and your children this year.

Best wishes

The Year 5 team

Mrs Garner, Miss Halfhead and Mr Whatman

Introducing Seesaw our learning platform.

Your child will be coming home with an invitation to join a new learning platform, Seesaw. 

Please click below to be taken to the site.


Seesaw is an online learning platform that is accessible from most electronic devices connected to the internet and addresses some of the issues gathered from our parent feedback from the lockdown :

· Printing – worksheets not great - seesaw allows children to edit and adapt worksheets on their devices and submit.

· Access - some only could use tablets/phones - Seesaw is accessible from most devices.

Over the next few weeks we will be showing the children how to use the new platform in the event of any further lockdowns to help us to improve the delivery of our remote learning.

Number facts practice...


Click on the link below to take you to our maths area where there are lots of links to practice your maths and number skills.


maths Click on Maths Games to play lots of fun maths games

english   Click on English to find links to plenty of helpful websites


link to Purple Mash website 

Click on Purple Mash to explore, improve your skills and knowledge and have fun in lots of creative ways. 

If you don't have your login details, speak to your class teacher