Comment on School Uniform- September 2023

I know some parents have raised that they "didn't know" the rules around school uniform and what was on the list.

The current School Uniform list was reviewed and updated in Summer 2023. The basic list however has been unchanged in 15+years

The School Council consulted pupils and put forward a case to get rid of school uniform (a very close vote as even they were split) however parents voted overwhelmingly to keep it. 

So the School Council decided to keep the uniform but look at updating it a little to reflect a more modern version and taking into account the lessons learnt during Covid. 

The School Council then spent time tweaking the exisiting list and came up with a few amendments that allowed them to get some individuality into the uniform rules- which is what they wanted. These are mostly around hair, Y6 leavers uniform, jewellery and make up and PE kit. 

On coming back to school in September we have spent time going through this with the children

As you can see from the picture by Lea the children know what they can and can't wear.



In 2023 the School Council reviewed the School Uniform rules and have updated them. 

The updates are in bold. 

The things the children were keen to see updated where around clarifying colours, PE kit being house colours as this allows us to run more competitions, footwear on wet days and around hair, jewellery and make up where the children wanted to be able to express themselves but within a clear set of guidelines.

Also around what happens if children do not wear the correct uniform. This was a big one as child did not think it was fair for some children to "get away" with wearing what they wanted. 



  • Navy blue jumpers / cardigans/ fleece or hoody/ leavers hoody- hoods however are not to be up in class.
  • Logo jumpers can be purchased from our Uniform Shop. Non logo jumper can be purchased from Local Supermarkets. 


  • White polo t-shirt or round neck or v neck t-shirt
  • One with school logo or can be purchased from our Uniform Shop
  • No t-shirts with messages or writing on them


  • Grey/ Black Trousers/ Shorts/ Tracksuit bottom (must be plain)
  • Grey/ Black skirts (must be plain)
  • Grey or black pinafore dresses
  • Styles can be purchased from our Uniform Shop
  • Blue/White Gingham Summer Dresses


  • School shoes PLAIN BLACK (No heels and avoid branded trainers with patterns/ white stripes or ticks)
  • We permit trainers but ONLY PLAIN BLACK
  • Appropriate footwear for bad weather can be worn on these days.


  • Sun-hats or caps to be worn during the summer for outside play and PE. These can be purchased from our Uniform Shop.
  • A school book-bag to be brought in every day – these can be purchased from our Uniform Shop.

PE KIT- Please send your child in to school wearing it on their P.E. days

  • Black shorts or tracksuit bottoms 
  • Black trainers or plimsolls  
  • House colour t-shirt (Years R - 6)  Pacific = Yellow, Atlantic = Green, Arctic = Red, Indian = Blue



All clothes should be clearly labelled with your child’s name to aid identification of mislaid items. Sharpie pens to write in white labels are fine for this purpose.

Please remember to Label Everything.

All lost property will be in the Lost Property box in the playground or returned to class if it is named.




  • Long hair will need to be neatly tied back for PE- and should be tied up at other times to help stop the spread of nits
  • Cool haircuts only
  • Please limit the number of hairbands and accessories- which must be able to be removed for PE


  • A watch- which is the responsibility of the child throughout the day
  • One wristband (not jewellery) is allowed.
  • No necklaces.
  • Small plain stud or sleeper earrings- no fancy styles, gems or stones. Hoops or dangly earrings are not permitted. Must be covered or removed for PE if required.
  • No Make up.
  • No hats to be worn in school- they can be worn to school.
  • Nail Varnish is not advised.
  • 3 appropriate badges will be allowed.


On Non Uniform days or for special events these rules will be relaxed as well as in extreme weather. 


All children are asked to wear school uniform to school every day at Fairlight unless there is a special non-uniform day being held.

Children are expected to wear uniform each day except on PE day where we will be asking the children to wear your PE kit to school. 


We pride ourselves on looking smart and well presented, both within school, on our way to and from school and when on school visits. 

Wearing our school uniform creates a sense of community and belonging. It minimises competitiveness about clothes and ensures that children are appropriately dressed for a busy and active day.

At Fairlight Primary and Nursery School we ask that all children wear the correct school uniform and adhere to our jewellery policy.

As part of the Parent Supportive Code, parents have agreed:

We dress appropriately when attending school and ensure our children do so as well.  We ensure our children wear the correct uniform for school.

Below is the outcome of the review by the School Council of our School Uniform Rules.

The School Council looked at a wide range of reasons to have and not have uniform and considered these when making their decisions. We also consulted parents who were overwhelmingly in favour of keeping uniform.

It does however then require parents to then follow these rules.

If you worked in certain places you have to wear a uniform. If you don't you lose your job.

Secondary schools have very clear School Uniform rules and spend a lot of time focussing on everyone following these.

And it is part of learning to be part of the school community.

We should be proud to wear the school uniform but also happy to get home and change into other clothes- hopefully after putting everything away or in the wash basket and not leaving it on the floor.  



From September 2023 we will be sending a slip home with your child that says where they are not wearing the correct uniform or where they have not followed the School Uniform Rules.

They will be given the opportunity to make the required changes.

If however they do not then this will be addressed through the school systems that are already in place and decided by their teacher. 

There are however often valid reasons for why children may not have school uniform on- the washing machine might be broken, it's Tuesday and I can't get to the shop until Friday etc. If this is the case then please let your child's Classteacher know.



The choices around our uniform were made by the children to support parents and most importantly children to wear the uniform. 

Black footwear for example allowed parents to choose between "school Shoes" and black trainers. Black or grey trousers or skirts allowed parents to purchase from a range of sources.

We have also tried to choose the easiest styles and colours that ALL major supermarkets stock- which is why we continue to wear white polo shirts.


Please click below to be taken direct to Monkhouse Uniforms Website.  Or call them on 01614767216.

AN UPDATE ON SCHOOL UNIFORM- the Law and Parliament

School uniforms will be made more affordable for families under a new law passed by Parliament (29 April).

The Act, which received Royal Assent, will require schools to follow new statutory guidance on uniform costs, instructing them to keep prices down.

The cross-party support for the Bill recognised the costs parents face for school uniform, particularly for branded items, and the statutory guidance will tell schools to consider high street alternatives.

It will also include measures on encouraging second-hand uniform, schools’ arrangements with suppliers, and ensuring parents have access to clear information about uniform policies.

School Standards Minister Nick Gibb said:

School uniforms are important in establishing the right ethos in a school. They also help to improve behaviour and a sense of belonging and identity. But we want to be sure they are affordable for parents.

This new law will help to save families money and ensure the cost of a blazer or shirt is never a barrier to accessing the best possible education.

The new law, introduced as a Private Members’ Bill by Mike Amesbury MP and given Government backing, enables the Government to set statutory guidance for schools to consider about costs for uniforms.

The Department will publish the statutory guidance in the autumn this year, which will focus on ensuring costs are reasonable for families of all backgrounds and giving parents the best value for money.

It will also advise schools to make sure that when they take up contracts with uniform suppliers, they are competitive and transparent in order to keep costs down.

The Government is committed to ensuring no family is deterred from applying to a school due to the costs for its uniform. Once guidance is published, schools will be required by law to consider it when developing their uniform policies.

Matt Easter, Co-Chair of the Schoolwear Association said:

As the leading schoolwear industry body, we welcome the Bill and the help it will provide for schools looking for further guidance on their uniform policies, to ensure the process of choosing a uniform supplier is as robust, competitive and easy as possible.

In particular, we welcome the Government’s recognition that the quality and longevity of garments should be considered alongside their cost. Whilst the vast majority of schools already work hard to keep their uniforms affordable, this Bill is an important step to help them continue to make the best decisions on their uniform policies and offer the best support to parents.

Mark Russell, Chief Executive of The Children’s Society, said:

We are thrilled this new law has passed and we thank Minister Gibb and the Department for Education for their support. This legislation will be vital in ensuring that school uniforms become more affordable for families across the country.

Young people told us back in 2014 that high-priced school uniforms had a huge impact on their ability to make the most of their education. We hope this new law will make children feel more equal to their classmates and make life easier for struggling families 




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