We are open 9-3pm during term time only.

Sessions must be taken in 3 hour blocks and are 9-12 and 12-3.

If you are not entitled to 30 hours but would like to 'top up' your sessions you may be able to do. 



Nursery fees are £7.00 an hour from September 2022.

  • A Morning sessions will be £21.
  • An afternoon session will be £21.
  • A Full Day will be £42.

If you have any queries about our Nursery fees, please contact the School Office on 01273 601270 and speak to our School Finance Team.


If you are interested in sending your child to Fairlight Nursery, you first need to complete a Nursery Admissions form. These are available from our school office or by going to the Nursery Application page  

Applications are processed weekly and you will be contacted by telephone or email once a place becomes available.

Once a place has been allocated, you will be sent a letter asking you to confirm the offer of a place.

You will also be invited in to a Come and Play session in the nursery.




We offer 15 hours of Government funded sessions for all children the term after they turn 3.


All children who start with us at this age are entitled to 15 hours of free Government-funded provision.

As of September 2017, some families may be entitled to 30 free hours.

To find out if you are eligible for 30 free nursery place hours, please click on this link for more information:

We may be able to offer your child a place the day after they turn 3 but you would need to pay for their sessions until the Government funding starts.

WE MUST have your 30 hour code in advance of starting and by some set deadlines. If you are unsure then please speak to us.