Maths at Fairlight

Intent, Implement and Impact Statement



At Fairlight Primary we want all children to become resilient mathematicians who are curious to discover more about the subject. We believe that maths is for everyone and that every child can succeed. We aim to support all pupils to develop a broad range of skills in using and applying maths. Our mastery approach to teaching mathematics rejects the idea that some children "can't do maths". It recognises that, by nurturing positive attitudes and building confidence, all children can acquire a deep and secure understanding of important mathematical concepts and the connections between them.




At Fairlight we are developing our approach to teaching for mastery. The principles that inform this approach can be found here. Our aim is for the maths curriculum to be taught in small coherent steps to ensure all children have enough time to learn and master key skills. Pupils are taught through whole class interactive lessons which include lots of opportunities for pupils to talk and discuss their ideas, to reason mathematically, to ask questions and to demonstrate their understanding. Stem sentences are used to support children to articulate their mathematical thinking and make generalisations.  Planning incorporates the 7 steps to metacognition and pupils are encouraged to be active participants in their learning. Lessons provide the opportunity to review and consolidate previous learning as well as time for new learning. Children are taught to embrace the value of learning from mistakes and to persevere when faced with challenges.


We recognise that fluency with number facts is an important factor in enabling children’s success in mathematics. Learning key facts to automaticity helps to avoid cognitive overload in working memory and enables pupils to focus on new learning. Through the Mastering Number Programme in EYFS and Key Stage 1, children are taught about the composition of numbers using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations to develop their conceptual understanding of addition and subtractions facts. In KS2 children continue to practice accurate recall of facts and calculation procedures. They are supported to make connections and derive new facts from known facts.




By the time they leave Fairlight our children will have a positive “give-it a go” attitude towards mathematics and the resilience to persevere when learning gets tricky. We aim for children to demonstrate:

  • Fluent knowledge and recall of essential number facts which they can use to derive associated facts.
  • A good understanding of the number system and a wide range of mathematical vocabulary. 
  • The ability to perform written and mental calculations and mathematical techniques.
  • Reasoning skills through describing, explaining, convincing, justifying and generalising mathematical ideas.
  • The ability to apply their knowledge and mathematical skills to solve problems and challenges.


For more information on how we teach maths at Fairlight see our: Maths Policy ; Maths Assessment


Number Facts Practice

One of the core aims of the National Curriculum mathematics programme is that 'pupils should become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics'. The foundation of this is knowing the basics - our number facts!

Use the links below to access ideas, games and resources for helping children to learn their number facts.

Find out more about our

Mastering Number Programme 

in EYFS and KS1

Learn our school times table songs

From year 2 all children have an

individual log in for

Times Table Rock Stars


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