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Every individual child achieves


How to contact the PTA

If you want to contact the PTA then please email them and someone will get back to you.


The PTA are always looking for new members, people to help or are open to ideas and suggestions. 


The PTA's main focus is to support educational opportunities for our school community.

To this end, each year, the PTA raises thousands of pounds towards supporting learning and investing in our children, to ensure that Every Individual Child Achieves.


In 2017, we became a registered charity, after reaching a fundraising total of £10,000 in one year. The reason behind this change was to allow the PTA to make bids for cash to charitable trusts on the school's behalf that, as a state-maintained rather than private, academy or free school, Fairlight is not able by law to access, that would make a significant difference to our children's lives.

The PTA has been proud to put this new charitable status and the opportunities it gives us to good use, in supporting the fundraising efforts of the Big Playground Adventure- to provide our children with the engaging and creative outdoor learning environment that they and every child deserves irrespective of funding.

Thank you to our Treasurer Nyawa Bottomley for putting in the time and paperwork for bid after bid, to project co-ordinator Mrs Durneen and to everyone who has helped to set up, taken part on, donated or enjoyed one of our PTA events on behalf of this worthy cause.


In addition to the Playground project, the PTA is able to make grants of money for classroom activities and resources, the garden and library, school book bags for new starters in Reception and cheap, inclusive, fun events for the children and parents/carers of the school to enjoy. Some of our regular events include:

  • The Spooky Disco in October.
  • The Christmas Fair and Santa's Grotto.
  • The Spring Bunny Hop Disco in March.
  • The Summer Fair in July.


  • All parents, carers, governors and staff in our school community are automatically members of the PTA. We are always happy to meet you and don't be afraid to approach any of us in the playground to say hello!
  • We have a growing PTA committee, elected each September at our AGM, but we are always excited for new parents, carers and teaching staff to join us.
  • If committees seems too daunting, we also have a very hard-working and proactive events team who are always coming up with new ideas to engage and fundraise. That is who you will often see manning a raffle ticket stall or decorating the hall for a disco. They are always eager to hear from anyone who has a spare hour to help set something up, sell tickets, pick up some supplies or has a new idea.
  • As we seek new ways to increase our fundraising in support of the growing needs of our school, we are also interested in hearing from anyone who has ideas and contacts in fundraising, event management and business or entertainment who might be able to lend their professional expertise or support.
  • Local companies are invited especially to donate prizes to our fair raffles, in return for a spot on our posters and a shout-out to all of our fair visitors.
  • Everyone who comes to one of our events is helping us to raise much needed funds. Thank you.
  • If you have a sponsored event in mind, we would love to hear from you. We have an official sponsorship form available.

If you'd like to find out more please email us at fairlightpta@gmail.com  

If you have any ideas or comments about your PTA, there is a suggestion box in the School Office. Please let us know if you have any fundraising ideas, or any other ideas to make your PTA even bigger and better!

Rob Whatman
PTA Chairperson & Trustee

Fairlight PTA is a registered charity - Trustees: Robert Whatman, Nyawa Bottomley, Damien Jordan

We are a member of the National PTA Association.