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Lockdown made us realise how important Kindness was.

It was also a chance for everyone to think about the important images linked to health and well-being.

Once we came back to school the pupils wanted to update our Super Heroes- and working with a local artist we created our new Super Hero Beatrice Kind and updated the rest of the team.  


About our heroes


In 2014 as a whole school we looked at how the children at Fairlight learn and the skills we want them to have as learners both now at our school and in the future.

This was part of our work on Fairlight of the Future which resulted in our Superheroes as well as our whole school vision EVERY INDIVIDUAL CHILD ACHIEVES

This whole school review (including pupils, parents, staff and academic support) concluded that there were 5 main skills that we either needed to promote further, continue to focus on or explicitly teach. 

The review identified that this was either due to the narrowing of the curriculum being taught in schools, changes in society in terms of views and attitudes as well as simple things like living conditions, due to peoples (adults) own experiences and backgrounds and of course time constraints.

They were Perseverance, Creativity, Risk, Independence and Curiosity


An example of this that is easier to explain is RISK. Which is expertly shown by Risky Ronan- who has laser eyes which are very risky!!!

Risk in all areas of society has lessened. Children do not climb trees. They wear helmets when riding bikes and scooters. They don't go out to play in the street. Life is a lot less risky then when many adults were kids. However risk is important. Putting your hand up in class to answer a question you are not sure about is a risk. Having a go at something new is a risk.  


At Fairlight we've always loved a superhero so the children designed characters around the learning skills that were identified.

We held a competition and the winning designs were taken and developed by Mr Doodle, a local artist, alongside the children. 

Each of the characters has unique and clever little bits in their design which link to their characteristics.

Creative Carla sticks her tongue out whilst concentrating as that is what creative people do!!!

How many others can you see? 


Our Superheroes are now an integral part of the school.

The children have written complex stories about them, designed "the baddy" that would battle them. Drawn comics. Sung songs. Added sidekicks. 


Children are set Superhero targets to aspire to. 

Children are awarded certificates of achievement according to which Superhero they are like. Children beam when they get a certificate and a few lucky children have a full Superhero set- or even a certificate with 2 or more Hero Skills on. 

Superheroes give children advice for their learning across the curriculum in class.

Our Superheroes are a huge part of Fairlight and how we learn.


You can read below to find out more about each one, or listen to our very own Fairlight Five song that they children wrote to celebrate them.

Here is how our Superheroes help us to learn:

Perseverance Pepito

  • Pepito reminds us that it's important to keep on trying if we want to succeed. He doesn't give up easily and knows that learning new things can sometimes be challenging.

Creative Carla

  • Carla helps us to look at things in new and creative ways. She doesn't always learn things in the same way and likes to use her imagination.

Risky Ronan

  • Ronan encourages us to take risks in our learning and try out new things. He teaches us not to be worried about making mistakes as this can be one of the best ways for us to learn.

Independent Isis

  • Isis is named after the Egyptian Goddess and is a strong female role model. She teaches us that we need to take charge of our own learning, developing strategies to become independent learners and developing ways to solve problems ourselves.

Curiosity Colin

  • Colin inspires us to always be curious about the world around us and to ask lots of questions. He motivates us to want to find out more and more!