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At Fairlight, we want every child to become a great reader. Sometimes children need a little extra support to launch into reading so to help this happen, we have some great reading interventions:


Early Literacy Support (ELS) 

NELI with Mr Hammond

Literacy support in class for KS2 from Mr Newman

LLSS sessions 

Busy Hands

Improving Reading Comprehension and Enjoyment - Inference Training with Mrs Steele

Lightning Squad with Mrs Steele

Better Reading Partners (BRP) for KS2 with many of our Teaching Assistants

Peer Tutors for Y2 with Y5 children 

School-led tutoring in reading, phonics and writing

Here are some suggestions for supporting your child's reading development:

Read, read, read! Read to your child, with your child, and listen to them read. 

Play games on a phonics website (currently free):

Read free online books: