Moving to a new class can be a daunting time for children however at Fairlight we have worked hard and continue to work hard to ensure that this is planned and is as supported as we can make it. 

As a school that is proud to have children joining us throughout the year we have many pupils who have positive experiences of being "new" and have then shared what made it work for them.


TRANSITION DAY- Thursday 6th July 2023

On this day our new Reception children join us for the afternoon.

Our Year 6 pupils all spend the day at their new schools.

And all of the other children get the chance to meet their new teacher and go to their new classroom.


TRANSITION INSET- Friday 21st July 2023

Each year on the last day the staff spend the day preparing for the return to school in September.

This involves teachers spending time talk to the previous teacher and staff about each of the pupils as well as looking through their learning from the previous year.



For September 2023 we will be starting on a new plan for Transition.

This will involve us creating new year groups for:

  • Reception- all of the children joining us from our own Nursery and other local Nurseries
  • Year 1- the children have spent their first year in school and move from Early Years to Key Stage 1
  • Year 3- the children have completed Early Years and Key Stage 1 and are moving to Key Stage 2.
  • Year 5- the children have 2 years to go before they move to Secondary School. 

To create a new class a number of staff from across the school work together to look at a range of information about their children including their learning as well as their additional needs.

Pupils in all of the classes in preparation are asked to choose a couple of friends who they want to be with- we however cannot promise they will be with all of them.

Classteachers give their opinion of who should be in which class using their observations from across the year.

We do speak to some parents of children with additional needs and those with multiple children in a year group to find out their thoughts and opinions however often this information is captured in additional meetings they already have. 

And lastly we use a scientific process that we have worked on with the University of Sussex looking at children's learning styles and interactions. 



Prior to 2023 this has taken place for a number of years with our Year 4 pupils moving in to Year 5.

This was for a couple of key reasons.

Firstly we were seeing increases in mobility in some classes. The children they started school with in Reception where not the ones they were now with in the class. These changes meant that classes that may have started at balanced had become less balanced.

We also were becoming aware that a very simple skill was being lost. Making friends. Children had forgotten how to make new friends. We needed to remind them how to make friends and what you might do when you are Reception is different to what you might do as a 7 year old or a 9 year old.

Lastly as a popular school for inclusion we were becoming more aware that over a period of time children's needs changed. And that this has an impact on the children themselves but also the other children in the class. 



It has been extremely successful over the last couple of years. 

For some it can be a big worry and causes anxiety however pupils, teachers and parents all agree it works for the children.

They still have their old friends.

They still have many old friends.

But they also have a whole new group of friends. 

As well as a new group of pupils to learn with in class. 


Reports from Year 7 once the children have moved to secondary confirm that the children who have experienced this have a wider network whichever school they moved to however also have retained many of their Year 6 networks as well as those from Year 1. 


Below is the information about the classes and teaching organisation for September 2023.

Your child will on Thursday 6th July have been to their new classroom base and met their new teacher.

If your child in moving with their current class you can see who their new teacher is and what their new class is called.

If they are moving to a "new class" you will get a School Ping before you pick them up to tell you.

Or you could just wait until they come out of school and ask them.


This is a very exciting time for them however also for some quite challenging as they will be moving from their safety and security this year to somewhere they are less familiar with.

EVERYONE copes with this and needs to get used to this.

Some children will take a bit longer than others.

This year it will impact on more of the school and we will be doing lots of work on this in September.

As teachers it is always that time where children leave us and move on to the new teacher.

The children tell you that you are their favourite and they love you.

And then by mid September they don't even say hello and some can't even remember your name.

As parents it is better not to heighten their worry but talking about the negatives.

It is normal for children to be anxious about changes to their class and class teacher.

This will be heightened further at this time.

As a school we will be spending a significant amount of time when we return discussing this with the children and reminding them that this is normal.

We will however, be asking them to think back to this time last year or to their first day at school and to then look at themselves now, reflecting on how this feeling was only temporary.

It would be good if you could share your feelings and thoughts on your first day at school or the first day in your new job to further reassure them that this is something we all experience.

Positive sharing however and not how you worked hard, didn’t get paid enough and hated the place!!

Focus on the positives.

How exciting this all is.

How they will be amazing. 

How this is good practise for the future- secondary school, University, new jobs and new friends.


Due to changes around Strike Days and Open Days and the need to move planned events around we will be holding this event on Monday 10th July 2023 from 2pm.

On this afternoon you will be able to come in to school via the School Office from 2pm where you will be asked to sign in.

You will be able to go to your child's current class to see your child's work, watch them learning and say hello to their classteacher.

They will then be able to take you to their new classroom and to have a chance for them to show your their new classteacher also (this might be in a different room).

If you have more than one child you may need to do this several times across the school- please bring your walking shoes for this!!!


You may after you have done this take your child early from school.

This however cannot be before 2.30pm.

For this you would need to come back to the School Office and Sign yourself and the children out. 



As you can see from the Fairlight Teaching Organisation September 2023 there are a couple of changes to the current staffing arrangements.

A couple of members of teaching staff will be moving year groups however the key changes are around staff who are leaving us.

Miss Amy Jones will be leaving us to move into a new house and new school “up north” and of course Miss Sharon Lynn will be leaving as Deputy Headteacher to be able to go on holiday during term time for the first time in 30 years.  

Mr Paul Knight, Miss Michelle May and Mrs Shereen Avard will continue in their Roles of Assistant Headteachers (AHT). Mrs Parker and Miss Halfhead will be joining the Fairlight leadership team as TLR’s (Teaching and Learning Responsibility).

Mrs Shereen Avard continues as the Assistant Headteacher SEND (Special Needs) and Mr Jason Hammond continues in his role as Speech and Language teacher. They continue to lead our amazing team of support staff.

Miss Martina Joller, Miss Michelle Marchant, Miss Juliette Cornwell, Mr Chris Newman and Mr Jason Hammond are PPA teachers who cover for teachers Planning, Preparation and Assessment time that is statutory for all teachers to receive as well as covering and supporting our new teachers. Miss Marija Austrin and Miss Gemma Townsend remain on Maternity leave.

Mr Damien Jordan continues as Headteacher and is of course supported by the amazing staff team including the fantastic office and premises staff.

I once again am extremely confident that the arrangements for September 2023 will continue to build on the hard work that is already going on to raise standards and make Fairlight the best school that it can be but most importantly will allow the school to continue to meet the school vision of Every Individual Child Achieves.


As a school we use a lot of data, evidence and research to inform our practise in Teaching and Learning.

For a number of years we have mixed up our classes at the end of Year 4 and create two new classes for Year 5 and 6.

The reason for this was due to a number of factors:

  • Mobility- as a school we see a number of changes of pupils in classes,
  • Friendships- these change for children,
  • Identification of SEN- children's needs change and are continually identified,
  • Preparation for Secondary- Fairlight pupils go to a number of secondary schools.

We have also for a number of years started our Reception children as one group and then during the year we have created the classes that will eventually move in to Year 1.


Using all of these factors and after long discussion we have therefore made the decision that from July 2023 we will be undertaking the following transition plan.

  •  STARTING RECEPTION: Children will be allocated a class.
  • END OF RECEPTION YEAR: Children will be mixed and two new classes will be created for Year 1 and Year 2.
  • END OF YEAR TWO: Children will be mixed and two new classes will be created for Year 3 and Year 4.
  • END OF YEAR FOUR: Children will be mixed and two new classes will be created for Year 5 and Year 6.

Many 2 or 3 form entry schools mix classes. Some as often as the end of each year.

We have feel that every couple of years is the right thing for our children.