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Transition at Fairlight

Moving to a new class can be a daunting time for children however at Fairlight we have worked hard and continue to work hard to ensure that this is planned and is as supported as we can make it. 

As a school that is proud to have children joining us throughout the year we have many pupils who have positive experiences of being "new" and have then shared what made it work for them.



On this day our new Reception children join us for the afternoon.

Our Year pupils all spend the day at their new schools.

And all of the other children get the chance to meet their new teacher and go to their new classroom.



Each year on the last day the staff spend the day preparing for the return to school in September.

This involves teachers spending time talk to the previous teacher and staff about each of the pupils as well as looking through their learning from the previous year.



To create a new class a number of staff work together with the pupils.

Everyone is asked to choose a couple of friends who they want to be with- we however cannot promise they will be with all of them.

Classteachers give their opinion of who should be in which class.

We speak to parents of children with additional needs to find out their thoughts and opinions.

And lastly we use a scientific process looking at children's learning styles and interactions. 


This has taken place for a number of years with our Year 4 pupils moving in to Year 5.

It has been extremely successful. 

For some it can be a big worry and causes anxiety however pupils, teachers and parents all agree it works for the children.

They still have their old friends.

They still have many old friends.

But they also have a whole new group of friends. 

As well as a new group of pupils to learn with in class. 



As a school we use a lot of data, evidence and research to inform our practise in Teaching and Learning.

For a number of years we have mixed up our classes at the end of Year 4 and create two new classes for Year 5 and 6.

The reason for this was due to a number of factors:

  • Mobility- as a school we see a number of changes of pupils in classes,
  • Friendships- these change for children regularly,
  • Identification of SEN- children's needs change and are continually identified,
  • Preparation for Secondary- Fairlight pupils go to a number of secondary schools.

We have also for a number of years started our Reception children as one group and then during the year we have created the classes that will eventually move in to Year 1.


Using all of these factors and after long discussion we have therefore made the decision that from July 2023 we will be undertaking the following transition plan.


STARTING RECEPTION: Children will be allocated a class.

END OF RECEPTION YEAR: Children will be mixed and two new classes will be created for Year 1 and Year 2.

END OF YEAR TWO: Children will be mixed and two new classes will be created for Year 3 and Year 4.

END OF YEAR FOUR: Children will be mixed and two new classes will be created for Year 5 and Year 6.


Many 2 or 3 form entry schools mix classes. Some as often as the end of each year.

We have feel that every couple of years is the right thing for our children.