Our curriculum intent for Music at Fairlight.

"Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. A high quality music education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement”

National Curriculum for England 2013

Our curriculum encourages children to;

• cultivate a genuine love and appreciation for music, embracing diverse musical styles and genres.

• nurture children's vocal abilities, encouraging them to sing and express themselves through music. Foster their creativity by enabling them to compose music individually and collaboratively, and provide opportunities to learn to play a musical instrument.

• introduce children to the process of music creation, production, and communication, familiarizing them with relevant technical terms and musical notations as appropriate to their level.

• enable the students at Fairlight to actively engage with music from different historical periods, genres, styles, and cultural traditions. This includes opportunities to perform, listen to, review, and evaluate music critically.

• encourage exploration of the emotional impact of music, allowing children to articulate their emotional responses and express themselves through music.

  • provide a wide range of musical instruments for children to explore and learn, fostering a sense of curiosity and experimentation with various sounds and techniques.

We will implement these intentions by:

Fairlight School follows the engaging and enriching Charanga music scheme, which actively involves the pupils in their music curriculum. This scheme offers a wealth of inspiring resources, aiding both teachers and students in their musical education. By combining motivating music, modern teaching methods, and cutting-edge educational technology, it comprehensively supports all aspects of music within the school, aligning with the new music curriculum.


During music lessons, the children have the opportunity to explore a diverse array of musical instruments, allowing them to discover the rhythm within songs and play along. This hands-on approach also encourages the exploration of improvisation and composition, complementing the music being studied in class.


A weekly key stage singing assembly is an integral part of the curriculum, where songs often have connections to the PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic) curriculum, placing singing at the core of promoting well-being among the students. Singing has proven to enhance self-esteem, boost confidence, improve self-efficacy, offer an outlet for emotions, and support interpersonal communication.


Performance holds a central place in Fairlight's musical teaching and learning philosophy. All pupils actively participate in key stage performances during Christmas and theatre productions in the summer term. These performances are open to parents, who are warmly invited to attend and appreciate their children's musical talents.


Moreover, the school enthusiastically takes part in the annual Children's Festival, where students get the opportunity to compose, learn, and perform captivating samba rhythms with a diverse range of instruments. The event provides a platform for young musicians to showcase their skills to a large audience.


Furthermore, Fairlight offers a broad spectrum of music lessons facilitated by Create Music (previously Brighton and Hove Music Service), including violin, brass instruments, keyboard, piano, guitar, and drum lessons, encouraging students to explore and develop their musical interests and talents.


The impact of this learning will be:


Show adeptness in attentive listening and skilfully appraising music from different traditions, encompassing works by renowned composers and musicians.


By the time they complete their KS1 journey at Fairlight, children will have achieved the following musical competencies:


·       -proficiently play and skilfully perform musical pieces.

·       -display proficiency in playing a diverse range of musical instruments.

·       -demonstrate the ability to recall and recognise various sounds and musical elements.



By the time they complete their KS2 journey at Fairlight, children will have accomplished the following musical skills and knowledge:


·       -display proficiency in playing and performing music, showcasing their talents confidently.

·       -exhibit versatility in playing a diverse range of musical instruments, exploring their potential as musicians.

·       -demonstrate creativity by confidently improvising and composing music, expressing their unique musical ideas.

·       -cultivate an appreciation and understanding of a wide array of high-quality live and recorded music, fostering a discriminating musical taste.

·       -engage in attentive listening and skilfully appraising music from different traditions, recognising the contributions of great composers and musicians.

-develop a comprehensive understanding of music's historical context, tracing its evolution across various periods and styles.