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School Office 

Safe Access

To ensure the safety of your child at school, the main office door in St Leonards Road is locked between 8.30am and 9am and again between 3pm and 3.30pm. At these times, the gate in Hastings Road will be open for you to gain access to the school.


Absence & Lateness

School Times

Key Stage 1 -
Year 1
Year 2
8.50am - 3.10pm
Key Stage 2 -
Year 3 &4
Year 5&6
8.50am - 3.15pm

Lateness is an extremely important matter. A child arriving after 8.50am is missing lesson time that is used for administration and learning - often for phonics and numeracy practice that many children require daily support for. A child arriving after 9am is missing the start of their first full lesson activity. A child arriving at 9.05am is formally marked late. That child will have missed more than 15 minutes of their lesson time and might miss daily practise in vital basic skills.

Regular school attendance Information for parents and carers

Research shows that, in Brighton and Hove, higher student attendance at school is associated, on average, with higher student achievement.


Why is regular attendance at school important?

Regular school attendance means that your child has a better chance in life. Your child will achieve better when they go to school all day, every school day.
They learn better. They make friends. They are happier. They have a brighter future.


Why must I send my child to school?

Under law, you must make sure your child of school age is enrolled and attends school all day, every school day unless they have an acceptable reason. Illness, doing work experience or competing in a school sporting event are acceptable reasons for being absent from school. The Headteacher decides if the reason given for your child’s absence is acceptable.

It is unacceptable for your child to be kept out of school for birthdays, shopping, visiting family and friends, if they sleep in, looking after other children and minor check ups or care, such as hair cuts. Routine medical or other health appointments should be made either before or after school or during the school holidays.


What should I do if our family is going on a holiday in school time?

You are encouraged not to schedule holidays during school time. If your family holiday is during school time, let the school know in advance and talk about what arrangements can be made for your child. Depending on the circumstances, the school may be able to provide tasks for your child to complete while they are absent or assist you to organise an exemption from schooling.


Do I need to let the school know if my child has been away from school?

Yes, you must let the school know every day why your child is absent from school, before 9.30am. You can now leave a message on the 24 hour answerphone (Tel: 01273 601270).


Are you having problems getting your child to school for any of these reasons?

  • Won’t get out of bed in the morning.

  • Won’t go to bed at night.

  • Can’t find their uniform, books, school bag etc.

  • Slow to eat breakfast.

  • Haven’t done their homework.

  • Watching TV.

  • Are worried about a test or presentation to do, or having an assignment/homework to hand in.

  • It is their birthday.


If so, a set routine can help

  • Have a set time to go to bed.

  • Have a set time to get out of bed.

  • Have uniform and school bag ready the night before.

  • Have a set time for starting and finishing breakfast.

  • Set a time for daily homework activities.

  • Speak about school positively.

  • Be firm - send your child to school every school day including their birthday and the last day of term!


What should I do if my child won’t go to school?

You should contact the school as soon as possible for advice and support. Please contact Mr Jordan (Headteacher) on 01273 601270.