Old Skool but Young at Heart

Year 6 children have adopted a group of senior members of our community and are communicating to them regularly. We are learning loads and so are they. 

More photos and memories to follow. 



Like many of you I am saddened to watch the unfolding war in Ukraine.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved.


As a diverse school we have many families for who this is not an item on the news but a reality for their friends and families. The pictures on TV are of places, streets and buildings that are very familiar to them and where their families still live.

We are offering support to those involved though realise this is never going to be enough and wish we could do more.


I have been also contacted by one of our Russian families and I wanted to share with you what they wrote.

I want you to know that our heart is broken because of the war in Ukraine!
The Russian people are against the war in Ukraine
Ukrainians and Russians are connected by centuries-old history, we are fraternal peoples.
We have relatives in Ukraine for whom we are very worried. We write and call them every day. 
They are very scared, and we feel helpless.
This is our pain. We pray that this war will end!
I was in Level Park this Sunday, and I saw how the British support the Ukrainians, thank you for that!
As a school we will be ensuring that the children in school are aware of what is going on and ensuring that we support everyone at this time.
Below are some of the resources we will be adapting and using so that you can also talk to them about what they are seeing and hearing. 
We are being sensitive to our wide range of communities from across the world when doing this and as you can see from the resources it is about trying to explain feelings and thoughts rather than trying to make sense of the reasons why and who is involved.
A message from parents on how you can help. 
The main collection point in Brighton seems to be St Andrew’s Church, they’re taking donations this Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Church Rd, Hove, BN3 2AD
It’s being coordinated by a Ukrainian woman living here. Her stepson is fighting in Ukraine. Donations from there will go to a Polish Community Centre in London which is transporting supplies to Poland to aid the refugee effort.
We’ve contacted them to see if there will be another collection after Saturday (in which case we could do one at school) but no response yet.
There’s a list of supplies they’re asking for below. Baby formula needs to be the pre-made stuff.
They have specifically said no clothes apart from clean items listed.
In the meantime here are some links if you want to help now.
As you may hear and see Brighton and Hove Albion (Mr. Jordan's mighty Seagulls) will be wearing their yellow kit in support of Ukraine in a number of upcoming matches and also will be donating profits from ongoing sales to the British Red Cross appeal. 
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