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We are aware that we have barely started back at school and Year 6 parents are having to already think about Secondary schools and forms and visits etc. And I need to warn Year 5 you need to start thinking soon also.

This can be a bit daunting if you have not had to do this before or if you are not from Brighton and don't really understand the system or the choices. And don't even start on Whatsapp, Mumsnet and all the internet experts out there giving your their "expert" advice or views on education and schools which can then confuse matters even more.

With that in mind Mr Jordan is going to host a meeting on MONDAY 20th SEPTEMBER 2021 3.30-4.15 in the Year 6 Classrooms to just share a few important bits of information for you about the system, process and some advice also if needed.

Whilst Mr Jordan cannot tell you which school you should apply for or which school is best (of course the correct answer is Fairlight) he has this year just completed the process with his own son. Knows all of the schools. Knows all of the Heads. And has experience of children leaving Fairlight to attend every school in the local area.

Parents are invited to either collect your child at the end of the school day and head up to the classrooms or come via the front entrance and come up to the classrooms. Children are able to attend however will be in the next door classroom as it is best for the adults to have a chance to share thoughts and views.

Of course you may have this all under control. In which case you are one of the lucky ones!!!

Secondary schools will communicate information about Open Days and visits via their school websites.

We will post information sent to us below.

They sometimes send us some information however it can be found quicker direct from them.

For all information around Secondary applications in Brighton and Hove check here https://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/children-and-learning/apply-school/important-dates-secondary-school-applications 



I wanted to share the video with you, so that as we begin to work with your new year 6s about their transition to secondary school they can receive advice from their peers.

Year 6 children have told us last term that they find it really helpful to hear from older children as “they have been what we have been through.”

Link here to watch it here: https://youtu.be/7L4m7zdt0CM

“I should be saying thank you to you because I’ve had a lot of fun!” Participant.

“Thank you so much for your time this summer helping B with his anxiety. He found the course very helpful. He is going through a bit of a hard patch at the moment as it the start of the year for students. I definitely think he will find another course very beneficial. Thank you once again. Waiting to hear more details about it in the near future. “ Parent.

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From Dorothy Stringer 

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