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Walking Home Permissions

We are aware that as part of growing up and preparing to move to Secondary School it is important for children to start taking more responsibility.

This includes a range of things including walking to and from school on their own.

Or as many of the children start walking to meet a parent at an agreed place near the school.



Parents from time to time ask us how old the children need to be to do this.

At Fairlight Primary and Nursery School we are aware that our position in the city means the roads around the school are quite busy and some of our families and children do travel on public transport or live a little further away.

We therefore would only expect Year 5 and Year 6 children to walk home from school without their parents.

This may however by with younger siblings also however we do not advise this as this is a lot of responsibility on top of looking after their own safety and  well being.

Children younger than Year 5 still have lots to learn in terms of road safety and self care.


If you wish to discuss this with the school then please contact your child's classteacher.



At the end of the school day our systems are:

  • children come down onto the playground at the end of the school day and tell the teacher they are walking on their own
  • the child needs to be aware they are walking home (it can't be a "mum or dad haven't turned up so I walk")
  • they should walk straight home/to the meeting point from school and not via friends or the park
  • if there is a problem they should come back to the school and the school office
  • they should have practised the route so they know where to go
  • they should have agreed friends or other parents they may walk with/ near
  • if the arrangement changes parents are asked to contact the school office


We would ask all of parents to complete the form below if they wish to give permission for their child to walk home without being collected by a parent. 

If during the school year you think this is something your child could start to do then please complete the form at this point.

Walking Home Permissions Form

Please read the above information before signing this form, which will then allow your child to walk home by themselves.