Here are 2 important documents regarding Zoom at Fairlight- see below.

Please read them carefully.



And an exciting announcement from Mr Jordan for you to watch- see below.



Following our Parent Survey it is clear that the large majority of parents (and pupils) think that what we are doing for Remote Learning is working and is possible.

We therefore will not be using Zoom to put additional pressures or to do LIVE learning every day as this is extremely restrictive (you have to be online at a certain date and time), requires a certain level of technology (good internet connection,  computer access for every child etc.) and as OFSTED have shared is not necessarily the best method of delivering Home Learning- particularly for younger children.

We are also in contact with all of our Vulnerable families and speaking regularly with those who need help or support. This is as a result of our strong pastoral work and relationships with families that was in place before any lockdown.


One of the biggest surprises of the Parent Survey was that a very large number of children were having no contact with their friends from their class. We were expecting many more to be in contact with each other.

This is the biggest driver behind our introduction of Zoom.

We are working hard to make these Zoom meetings work so that we can get to see you all and for you children to see all of their friends.

It is no substitute for the real thing but is not a bad temporary measure.

Zoom Letter to Parents Jan 2021.doc .doc
FAIRLIGHT PRIMARY AND NURSERY SCHOOL Protocols for Zoom Jan 2021.docx .docx