Fairlight Primary and Nursery School: Curriculum Intent



Our curriculum, schemes of work and individual lessons are sequenced and planned effectively so that pupils learn more, can do more and remember more.


We use the National Curriculum (for Year 1 to 6) and Development Matters (for EYFS) to provide the content and framework for what we teach to ensure that coverage is broad and balanced and that key knowledge is securely understood - enabling our children to make links across their learning as they progress through the school. This starts from the time our children join us, ensuring that learning is a cohesive journey from Early Years through to Year 6.


At the same time, we need to ensure that our curriculum is meeting the specific needs of our children, given their life experiences, backgrounds and their varied starting points. As a result, in each subject area:

  • We intentionally plan learning activities which build up pupil’s cultural capital by providing a rich range of experiences, texts, vocabulary, knowledge and skills.


  • We develop the vocabulary of our pupils, teaching them previously unknown vocabulary, key words and language structures that they can then apply across the curriculum.


  • Our curriculum is ambitious for all pupils, especially for those with SEND. In every subject, teachers expertly identify any barriers to learning for pupils and overcome these.


  • Our expectation is that teachers will adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of all learners ensuring challenge and scaffolded support for learning wherever necessary.


  • We also provide a range of extra-curricular activities that enable our children to learn in different situations and beyond the curriculum subjects.


We focus on the quality of our teaching; the positive relationships between children and adults; and between children and their peers as well as the embedded high expectations, to ensure that our children receive a broad and balanced curriculum. This allows them to develop resilience, ambition and a confidence in themselves that will remain with them into their future.


Please click below to see the Curriculum Overviews for the different year groups. You will also find more information on our pages for the individual year groups.

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