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  Welcome to the Nurture Class page  

Our Nurture class takes place in Neptune Classroom which was set up in September 2016.

It is carefully arranged to have the best of both classroom and a home environment. It is designed to be warm and welcoming in order to provide a consistent, predictable and safe place for children. Provision is of a high quality and linked to curriculum activities, just as any classroom there are areas for sharing stories, circle times and for academic learning, there is an additional area for breakfast where children can sit as a group to share a meal.


What is the purpose of a Nurture Class?

The Nurture Group is a small class of 6 pupils. The children are carefully brought together to make a balanced and functional group. The Nurture Group continues the ethos of an already nurturing environment within Fairlight School and provides inclusion for all children promoting PSHE provision. The children are supported within Neptune Class to raise their emotional well-being, self-esteem and sense of belonging to the school community. We provide a structured routine with clear boundaries so the children feel safe and secure.

The Nurture Group is a place of learning.

We follow the six principles of the Nurture Network


The Nurture Group PrinciplES:


Children’s learning is understood developmentally The classroom/school offers a safe base Nurture is important for the development of self-esteem
Language is understood as a vital means of communication All behaviour is communication

Transitions are significant in the lives of children



Reasons Children might attend a Nurture Group?




Low self esteem

Find it hard to listen to others or join in

Family illness or break up


Find it hard to share and take turns

Find it hard to settle into class

Friendship difficulties – keeping/making friends

Find it hard to accept losing a game

Quiet, shy, withdrawn


A teacher might identify a child with any of the above needs. A discussion would then take place with the School Inclusion team. A Boxall Profile will be completed to identify possible areas of which a child might need support. If it is felt the child would benefit from a Nurture Group environment, we will speak to the parent/carer and they will be given the opportunity to accept a place for their child to attend Neptune Class.


How will the Nurture group help your child?

The nurture group will help to boost confidence and self-esteem and provide children with extra skills to improve social skills and independence for example:

  • To engage
  • To settle
  • To listen
  • To concentrate
  • To share and take turns
  • To accept losing a game
  • To build friendship with their classmates
  • Gives opportunities to talk about and understand their feelings
  • To work on curriculum based activities from their classrooms.
  • To experience and practice the development of positive relationships 

How long will my child attend the Neptune Class?

Neptune Class runs four mornings a week. A child may attend for 1-4 terms. However we do ensure that children do not miss special assemblies, guests in school, outings or any special events that the rest of their class are taking part in.

What does a morning in Neptune Class look


Children follow a structure and routine that is clear to both staff and children. The group runs on consistency, positive reinforcement and praise.

Within the session we:

Share breakfast together – a chance to talk around the meal table, listen to each other, take turns to speak and practice using manners, develop social skills.

Take part in a game, sometimes board games or team games, to encourage turn taking and coping with losing.

Have circle time and sharing news – to encourage taking part and listening and build self-esteem and confidence.

Have an academic focused time – maths and English plus topic work.

Do role-play and drama – to encourage communication, listening to other ideas, taking on the role of different characters.

Cooking / Stories / puppets / music.


Neptune is a place where we want to see children have the opportunity to grow in confidence and become engaged and be successful learners in their classrooms and the school community.