Good hygiene in schools is always important, especially in the winter months, to prevent the spread of germs.


It is therefore essential that your child knows how to "manage" their illness if they have a cough or cold.

If they cannot then it may not be appropriate for them to be in school as this is how germs are spread.

And whilst we understand that this may be more tricky for younger children or children with additional needs it is essential to keep everyone safe. 


Our "2ish measures" for deciding if a child is unwell are:

  1. Do they look or sound unwell- as you will all know you can sort of tell if someone is not feeling great or isn't themselves. This is also sort of obvious when they have a hacking cough or have snot hanging from their nose.
  2. Do they have a high temperature- and we always take this twice to be extra sure and always after we have asked them to sit quietly so that they can cool down or get a drink.
  3. THE MAGIC ISH MEASURE- did they puke. As we all know when children are not feeling great they are sick. And for us in school that is an immediate "send them home". 

If after this the answer to all of these (or just number 3) is YES then we will be contacting home to come and collect them.