The day Ed Sheeran came to Fairlight

(and yes it was the famous Ed Sheeran and not a lookalike).

Ed Sheeran (yes 47 million Instagram followers Ed Sheeran) came to Fairlight on Friday 10th May 2024 to come and see the amazing work we do in Music education and in the creative arts.


Around 60 children do individual music lessons every week during the school day in Guitar, Drums, Keyboard and Violin through our work with Create Music- our local Music Hub in Brighton and Hove- and Ed wanted to come and see this for himself.


Ed Sheeran runs a music foundation in Suffolk where he went to school and is interested in music in schools but also how it can be accessible for everyone and he had heard about the amazing work we do in Brighton and Hove.


He arrived and spoke to the Director of Create Music Peter Chivers, Deputy Director Emma Collins who is the Strategic Lead for Quality and Inclusion and Damien Jordan Headteacher about music tuition, music education in schools and about what he is doing with his foundation and how he can use is sphere of influence with his famous friends to highlight the need for music teaching in schools but also promoting jobs and careers in the creative industries.


Ed spoke openly about how we struggled at school and wasn’t particularly academic and how music helped him at school and how his music teacher was a huge influence on him as a young person.

Mr Jordan did get to also talk football with Ed and about his recent celebrations with Ipswich Town and his love of Ipswich.


He then visited a couple of drummers in their lesson with Drum Teacher Mike Johnson. One of our drummers was so surprised to see Ed Sheeran walk in that he lost his timing however he recovered and put in a stellar performance.


Ed then joined a newly formed band in the school to listen to and play a song they had created for the visit. They just didn’t know who it was for! The band was made up of Drummers, Guitarists and Keyboard players and was led by Chris Simmonds Guitar Teacher.


He spoke to the band members and drummers about their lessons, about the song they had created and told them all they would be much better than him as they had started learning their instrument much earlier than he had. They also got to ask Ed questions about his musical career as well as what songs he loves to play and listen to.


Ed then joined a Year 3 Charanga music lesson taught by Mr Newman to learn how to play We Will Rock You on the Glokenspiel. Ed joined in with the class and had to play the tune but then keep time with the famous clap and stamp.  The Year 3 children kept him focussed and he managed it- just!!


He then joined Mr Jordan as his “surprise guest” and mate to join the band for a rendition of their new song. The children were stunned to see Ed Sheeran in their school hall with his guitar.


Ed then gave a performance of 3 of his most famous songs for the children and staff which was amazing. All of the children were able to join in as they knew the words.


He then finished his visit by donating 5 of his Ed Sheeran Lowden Guitars to the school for children to use and practise with. Ed also signed a few items for the children including one of the band members guitar.


Ed was joined by his videographer so we expect to see this footage soon about the visit.


All photos were taken by Sadie

Instagram @sas.tudios



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Thank you to Create Music and the Ed Sheeran Foundation and of course to Ed Sheeran himself for making so many people happy, for promoting music and for being a genuinely nice bloke. Mr Jordan will catch up with his "mate" Ed Sheeran at the Amex next season if not before!!!!

Ed Sheeran is in the house (well school)