This will take place as part of the first few days of your child starting with us in September 2024.

At this meeting we would ask if all of the significant adults and of course the most important person- the child- could attend to spend some time in the classroom together in a smaller group. The teacher will also then spend 15 minutes with you chatting through anything you want us to know and asking some important questions about information we may need.

Please arrive at the front office 10 minutes before your meeting time


We are this year going to get everyone in full time as quickly as we can.

This we have found to be the best way to start the school year and for many this is building on the extremely positive experiences they have already had in Nursery.

This is the date when your child will be starting for full days.

On this day you will be able to come in the school gate at 9.00 and walk into the playground and classroom with them.

They will then come in to school for full days from this date and for the first half term you will be able to take them to the door.

This is the same door they will be leaving via every day.