Temple stories

Finally, they had found it. The ancient structure could be seen looming over the lush foliage surrounding it and seemed to creep far under the vibrant floor of the forest. Odd for the area of the world they were in, there were blooming Sakura trees surrounding them, blooming beautiful, cerise blossoms – which dropped pretty pink petals to drift calmly towards the verdant ground beneath them. A ravine tore through an area of the undergrowth, revealing an exquisite waterfall, calmly drifting down from a stream trailing down from a large mound of earth behind the mysterious sanctuary. What may come of this unlikely group’s travels however, has already been determined by the legendary spirits of the prehistoric forest.

The introduction to Harry's story......

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The hidden temple…


It was dawn, the crew, Tom with the explorer’s hat; Harry with the top hat and Nicolas with   the bike helmet, went venturing through the Amazon. They had been in the rain forest for a week now as they had been squelching through to find a hidden city. They were a brave team, a-sticking-together-sort of crew that stay together thick and thin never got let down by one and other (mostly) and now they are standing in front of the hidden Temple!

“Let’s go inside!” yelled Tom in excitement “we’ve finally found it!” Harry tensed he was not afraid. They marched in, leaving Nicholas concerned, Harry and Tom were good friends with lots of bravery, they loved adrenaline, everything is a game for them. As they walked through the ruin of the fallen city, they found the entrance of the abandoned temple they carried on. “I think we need to be careful there could be a series of traps,” warned Nicholas “we’re not afraid!” called back. Suddenly, there was an ear-splitting scream. What had happened!? “T-t -there” Harry and Tom pointed.

                                                         There. Stood a small…

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The Explorer! by Sakina

I woke up with a start.

The throbbing sensation in my left leg was unbearable. My whole body was in agonizing pain and I couldn’t bear to move a muscle as I layed on the luscious, cushy grass that comforted my back....

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Harry's monster....

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Excuses.......By Aoibhne 

I am very sorry miss for what I have done but I promise once you’ve heard my side of the story everything will change…

It was 3:15 and everyone was getting ready to go home. I got my bags my brand-new coat and my phone then I headed of walking back to my house. Once I was home, I fed my cats and started working on my homework. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door and when I opened it I saw my sister, Drenched from the rain that I had barely missed. She stormed in and went upstairs to her room where she got out her homework. Laoise quickly changed into clean cloths and went down stairs. I asked her if she was okay and she claimed that her homework project was due in three days and she didn’t have anything yet. I gave her a gluten-free cookie and asked what the homework project had to be about. It had to be about her old school (my current school) and she politely asked if I could remind her of anything. But I couldn’t think of anything. The next day I went into school determined to find something to help my poor sister. Out of the blew I noticed a wall that had all of the students who had left and my sisters year poster was still up there. I decided to let my sister borrow it for her project. Whilst everyone was in lessons, I quickly went out side and took the poster. However, the wall immediately looked bland. You could tell something was missing. So, I quickly went to the art supply room and grabbed some paint and paintbrushes. I then proceeded to paint a quick landscape of the sun setting over the beach with the shadow of a dolphin jumping out of water to replace the poster. I then put the poster in my bag and carried on my regular school day. At 4.00 -when my sister comes home from her piano lessons- I gave her the poster. She was over the moon throwing herself on me thanking me over and over again. The next day rolled over and I was called to go the front office where I was greeted by my parents and the headteacher claiming I was the person who stole the poster and painted on the wall. And you see, that is how I wound up here.




The ordinary door: By Aoibhne
In an ordinary house, stood an ordinary door with an ordinary mat.

Perfectly clean, perfectly perfect. Made out of wood with an iron handle and an iron keyhole

Walking up to the door I stood wondering where the key is, searching high and low the key was nowhere to be found. Then I looked on the ground under the mat, only to find the key I was looking for. trying to open the door was a struggle twisting and turning finally I heard a click and with that the door opened. My face dropped, standing in front of me was the same door but 1cm taller. To my dismay this door also needed a key. searching high and low the key was nowhere to be found. Then I looked on the ground under the mat, only to find the key I was looking for. Twisting and turning the key made a click and all of a sudden, the door opened so quick. Angrily I shouted, “this isn’t fair!”, for standing in front of me was the same door but 1cm taller. Unsurprisingly this door also needed a key. searching high and low the key was nowhere to be found. Then I looked on the ground under the mat, only to find the key I was looking for. Twisting and turning the key made a click and all of a sudden the door opened so quick but as much as I wished for this chain to stop it carried on from door to door each getting taller and taller and taller until the chain finally came to an end as the door in front of me now double the size open so slowly it took me by surprise for the door after that was not taller but rather smaller with cobwebs covering it. The door needed no key rather just to be pushed. the door had no doormat but instead three knomes and a flower pot with one single lily. Confused I brushed the cobwebs of the door and pushed it open ever so lightly. My jaw dropped a smile spread across my face, “beautiful...” I whispered as I stared in awe at what looked like a jungle- no! a magnificent garden! Full of life and wonder. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Collapsing onto the floor I could smell the fresh scent of roses and daisies. I could hear birds happily sings amongst themselves I could taste the summer air.




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My Animal: The Guinea Goat


The Guinea Goat is a hybrid between a Guinea Pig (Cavia porcellus) and a Goat (Capra aegagrus hircus)! It is a slightly larger version of the Guinea Pig and has the same ears, nose and mouth of the Goat but all other characteristics are from the Guinea Pig, including the teeth. Both genders of Guinea Goats grow horns during their youth, but don’t use them to attack.

My extremely inaccurate picture of the Guinea Goat:


By AlfieConverting



By Alfie