Phonics and Early Reading

Sound Lists

Here are some grids you can download with all the sounds on, showing you how to pronounce them. 

Autumn 1 Sounds - information sheet

Autumn 2 Sounds - information sheet

Spring 1 Sounds - information sheet

Year 1 Sounds - information sheet

Little Wandle Letters and Sounds


Look here for the " Little Wandle" parents page, there are some really useful videos showing you how we teach phonics but also some great videos to help you support your child at home.

Here is a pdf all about phonics and early reading, how we teach it and how you can help.

Little Wandle Guide for Parents

Pronunciation of Sounds 

We know how hard it is to support the work we do in school when you are slightly unsure about how we teach things.  Here, we have some brilliant videos showing you exactly how we pronounce each individual sound. 

They are organised in the same order that we teach them.

Autumn 1 Sounds - pronunciation video

Autumn 2 Sounds - pronunciation video

Spring 1 Sounds - pronunciation video

Year 1 Sounds - pronuncation video

Writing the Corresponding Graphemes

Here are some grapheme mats that will help your child with their reading and writing.

Reception Grapheme Mat

Year 1 Grapheme Mat

How to write capital letters

Phonics Games

Here is a selection of phonics games where your child can play to practise applying their sounds online for free.

Some Phonics Games -  Top Marks

This website has some great spelling and grammar activities. Click on the link above

Phonics Play is a fun phonics website,

you can access some games for free.

Purple Mash has a lot of phonics games on,

your child can access these using their log ins from school