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Check out the Adventures of Bessie on the Mr Jordan's Projects page In the Classroom. She has been fighting crime again!!!


At Fairlight Primary School, we always aim to be innovative and creative and to that end, we have our school dog, Bessie, to help with students’ learning and development.




Currently Bessie is based in the school office getting used to her new environment, the students and the staff as part of her socialisation training.  

Bessie will slowly be introduced to the students who want to meet her, but we are very aware that some may not like dogs and may even be phobic. We will be asking class teachers to speak to their pupils and pass on the names of any students who are unsure or possibly frightened by dogs so they can be sensitively introduced to Bessie. Already we have had a very positive reaction from a few children who were previously nervous around dogs and we hope this can be the case for all our children.

Bessie’s coat should not moult as much as other dogs and therefore is more hypoallergenic and should not cause allergic reactions. However If you know your child has allergies that may be triggered by Bessie, or if they are unsure or scared of dogs, please complete the slip below and return to the school office.

We are very excited by our new four-legged recruit and have already noticed the very positive effect she is having on our school environment.




Bessie Says:     

If you don’t know me yet, then hello! I’m Bessie the school dog (or the security dog as I like to think of myself!) I am a female cockapoo and I’ve just had my 3rd  birthday.

I like to go round the school and check that everyone is happy in their learning. If you are lucky enough to reach role model then you can come and play with me on Friday lunchtime in the office. If you see me around the school wagging my tail, then come and say hi!

I like being walked around for exercise, playing ball and having lots of cuddles. I am really good at cheering people up when they are sad and I can be a bit mischievous sometimes. When I first started Fairlight, I used to chew things but now I follow the Golden Rules.

I hope you are looking forward to joining Fairlight. It’s a pawsome school and I’m going to tell you all about it.

Firstly, let me introduce you to some of my good friends, ‘The Learning Super heroes.’ These superheroes will help you at school in lots of different ways.

A child once said to me, “When we are stuck or don’t know the answer to something , we think about which of the superheroes we need to be and that keeps us going.”



Being a dog myself, I thought I’d share my best dog jokes with you.

I hope they make you laugh. You’d be barking mad not to like them!



Question: Why was the dog sad?     

Answer: It had a ruff week!    


Question: What do you call a dog magician?

Answer: Abracadabrador.


Question: What did the polite dog say?

   Answer: Thanks fur everything