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Year 6 REMOTE Learning


Dear year 6,


In the event you need to access remote learning, please log into your Seesaw app.  Your adults will need to let the school know if you are at home but need work set due to self isolation. Once your adults have done this, your teachers will upload work on your Seesaw journal.


If you are waiting for your work to be uploaded please practice the daily tasks and work on any gaps in your learning you have identified since returning to school.


Below is a timetable to help you organise your day.  


Each day you are expected to complete Maths, English, Foundation subjects and practice our daily tasks.


Exercise and PE






Foundation Subjects



14.00 -15.00
Monday - Friday

Click Here to see some daily PE Tasks

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Click Here to see some daily Reading/Maths/Spelling and other Tasks

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