Fairlight Primary & Nursery School

Every individual child achieves


The BIG Playground Adventure




The Mezzanine was finished in October 2019. 

The children worked hard on ideas of exactly what they wanted to do with it, and there was a grand opening on 16th December 2019.



September 2016

 Following work with our Governors and School Community on our vision, EVERY INDIVIDUAL CHILD ACHIEVES, the children expressed their opinions about our outdoor area. They said they want things to change and that being outside, for learning and play, were very important to them. This is where we started...

April 2017

After a massive fund raising effort by pupils, parents, staff and friends of the school phase 1 of the development took place. New Sports goals were installed and an adventure trail with the equipment chosen by the children was also put in place.

August 2017

During the summer, following continued fundraising efforts, we were able to build our Rainbow Shelter. This is a place for children to relax and play in comfort, with it's grassy floor and beautiful rainbow ceiling.

Wise Owls Garden Grows

Over the last year an amazing team of parents have taken on, nurtured and developed our garden area. Grants and donations from local and national businesses have enabled us to really start to improve this area. We now have a thriving Gardening Club run by the parents and have this year started to reap the rewards with tomatoes, beans, lettuce and potatoes all being harvested! We have further plans to make our playground greener and grow more of our own food.

Fairlight's Climb Through Time Wall

The climbing wall was looking rather tired so the children thought about the periods in time we study in History and drew pictures. Local street artist Rufus Curd kindly donated his time and talent and took the children's drawing to create our very own Climb Through Time Wall. Now the children can traverse the new wall and talk about the different periods in History from dinosaurs to the i360! 

What Next?

We still have more to do! We want to create some additional space by removing our old stage and building a mezzanine floor in that area. The top will be for another garden area, a space for children to relax during play and learn during the day. Underneath we want to create a large design technology area for use throughout the day. Our aim is to power this area using sustainable energy, involving the children riding bikes to power dynamos and creating their own electricity. The plans are exciting and BIG! Keep an eye on our updates for fundraising events and if you have any ideas of your own please let us know!