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School Improvement Plan


Each year the senior leadership team write a School Improvement Plan to ensure that we are all clear and working towards common goals.

At the current time it is essential that this plan is focussed on the ongoing situation around Covid and most importantly around our response to this- with a key element being around well being. 

School Improvement Plan 2020 2021


Due to Covid Lockdown last years plan was not fully completed. 

When reviewing we have "traffic lighted" to show which areas where COMPLETED, REMAIN ONGOING, NOT STARTED.

All of the AMBER areas have been carried over onto our new plan. 

ENGLISH- Phonics and reading.

  • Develop effective strategies and approaches to planning in Key Stage 2 to ensure both reading and writing outcomes are successful for all pupils through whole class reading.
  • To implement the use of fully decodable books so that children apply the phonic decoding as the root to early reading.
  • To ensure high quality phonics teaching. 

MATHS- The Mastery Approach.

  • For all children to become better problem solvers in Maths and to know strategies for tackling problem solving.
  • To develop the mathematical fluency of all children so that they know key mathematical facts and methods and can recall these efficiently

CURRICULUM- What are we learning and how are we learning it.

  • To develop a high quality Fairlight Curriculum.
  • To improve children’s learning skills through metacognition and self-regulated learning to ensure they become more responsible independent learners and to improve meaningful learning.


EYFS- High quality Early Years Education.

  • To implement high quality early years provision through an innovative strategy for delivery.

PLAY- The importance of Play.

  • Continue to develop Play for all children using the OPAL approach.

LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT- Finances and facilities for Learning.

  • To provide finances and high quality facilities to support teaching and learning

INCLUSION- Happy Healthy Children and School Community.

  • To promote positive emotional health and well being to help children understand and express their feelings, build confidence and emotional resilience and therefore their capacity to learn.