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MARCH 2021


The most important group to explain what is going to happen when we return to school are the pupils.

This simple Powerpoint will explain it to them and asks them to then explain it to parents.


The children know the school the best. 

They did almost everything in this Powerpoint when we returned to school last time.


Please find the time to go through it together so that everyone is clear about what is expected of them.


There is a more detailed version below for parents if they want to read that. 


There is a Powerpoint version (that may not work on your phone) or a Word version.


The biggest risk in our Risk Assessment is around the start and finish times as this is the time when the most people are in the same place from across all of our bubbles.

We have looked to cut the amount of time people are hanging around and waiting.


The key factors are:

  • BE ON TIME- if you are late we may not be able to take your child at school on this day as it will mean unnecessarily crossing and mixing bubbles and places staff and children at risk
  • ADULTS MUST WEAR MASKS- everyone will be expected to wear a mask in the waiting area
  • SOCIALLY DISTANCE- drop or collect you children and leave- don't hang around and whilst waiting please adhere to 2m distancing
  • FOLLOW THE GOVERNMENT GUIDANCE OUT OF SCHOOL- please don't leave school and then go to the Patch with your friends or go to someones house after school- by doing so you are breaking the rules and putting us all at risk. Don't forget that the children tell us what they do out of school. 


This is a more detailed plan for the Reopening in March 2021.

Covid Information

All school and organisations have had to completed and undertake a range of measures to ensure they are safe and able to reopen following the various lockdowns we have had over the last year.

At Fairlight Primary and Nursery School we have safely been open during the whole of each of the lockdowns- including Bank Holidays. This has been down to the amazing efforts of all of the staff and the fantastic support we have received from parents.

This has also been possible due to ensuring that we are 100% up to date with the relevant guidance and advices that have been sent from the Local Authority, Health Authority, Public Health and Department of Education.

Of course the reality has been how we have interpreted this information and how we have practically put it into place. 

Additional cleaning during the school day. Staggered entry systems. Parents waiting outside of the school. Increased sanitation points. The list is endless.


To capture the overarching information the school have completed a Wider Re-Opening Risk Assessment that was reviewed by Brighton and Hove Council Health and Safety team as well as the major teaching unions. 

This is being constantly (weekly) reviewed and amended. It is also being monitored by the Governing Body in their role.


If you have any comments then please contact the school office.

Management of Covid-19 Risk Assessment – Key Control Measures

This document sets out and simplifies the key measures in place. 


This is the latest of the Covid related Risk Assessment written either for Lockdown or Reopening over the last year.

Each one has seen improvements and developments as well as measures specific to the current National situation.

Previous measures have been considered and put in place- hence why so much has COMPLETED next to it.