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September 2020

Below are the Teaching Arrangements for September 2020.

Parents of current Reception and Year 4 will get a separate letter telling you which class your child is in. This has been temporarily placed on your Year Group Learning page. 



As the government start to announce various ideas and plans for September 2020 we are beginning to put plans together for how we will implement this for September.

I have therefore created some questions to gauge your views and to gather thoughts. It would be good if you read all of this information before answering so you can see the thought process we are using. It is helpful to make the responses anonymous however we need some basic information as different parts of the school and different parent groups may have differing views.

A word of caution for those like me who like to plan things in advance and in detail. None of this is currently 100% planned or confirmed and is at this stage ideas and thoughts and could of all change very quickly or as has been shown with all of the government announcements to date be very late in planning as someone else comes up with a new idea.

It is also not a competition between schools over who can do the best thing and who can offer the most amazing things. Each school has to consider its own circumstances, needs and then put together a plan. So please take with a pinch of salt your friend whose school is doing this but not doing this.

Using the Government guidance it is our intention to get all of children back in September full time. This is not as easy as it would seem and will require additional measures to ensure we can keep everyone safe. We could have chosen easier options that would mean children are not in school for full days or full weeks however, this is not our intention.

This plan will require the full cooperation of parents and full communication with the school should problems arise. Any failure to do this places the whole school community at risk.

Despite what is being reported in the media the guidance is not saying exact details or specific numbers. “Consistent groups”. “Distinct groups or bubbles” are what are recommended. And an effort to “minimise the number of contacts that a pupil has during the school day”.

We would therefore be looking at:

  • Reception and Nursery being one bubble.
  • Year 1 and 2 being a bubble.
  • Year 3 and 4 being a bubble.
  • Year 5 and 6 being a bubble.

The maximum number of children in a bubble would be 120 with most being around 80-90 if every child is in school. Classes would still be less than 30 children where the children would spend most of their day.

In the event of a confirmed case within the Bubble the current advice is that all members of the bubble would be required to isolated for 14 days. That would in simple mean if a child in Year 1 was confirmed as having Covid-19 all of Year 1 and Year 2 children and staff would have to be off school and isolate. They would then need to use the Online Home Learning provided by the school. The areas of the school used by this “bubble” would then be deep cleaned.  

To keep the bubbles consistent and protected we would:

  • Use a specific part of the school to learn in that is not used by any other bubble,
  • Use shared areas (computer room for IT/ hall for PE) on the same day.
  • Go out to play at the same time,
  • Eat lunch at the same time and in the same place,
  • Come in to school and leave at the same time,
  • Use the same toilets (I will explain this further later).
  • Always use the same entrance exits for the building,
  • Where possible have a consistent group of staff with them,
  • Face children in the same direction in the classroom where possible.

This will keep this “consistent group” fixed and will help in the event of a confirmed case of Covid-19 to track who is at risk.

To achieve this we may continue, introduce or include measures such as:

  • Staggered start and finish times e.g. Y5 and 6 would start at 8.50 and finish at 3.20 whereas Y1 and 2 would start at 9.10 and finish at 3.00
  • No assemblies,
  • Playtime and lunch play would still continue,
  • Hand washing/ sanitising at regular points,
  • Cleaning during the day of key areas of the school that are used by different groups,
  • No parents on the playground at the start and end of the school day (except for new Reception starters for a short period at the start),
  • PE each week,
  • Booking only for Breakfast and After School Childcare.

Other things we would have to consider or to plan for now would include:

  • Increased PSHE work to discuss children feelings and thoughts,
  • “Catch up” sessions and work planned once teachers have had the chance to assess where the children are,
  • A relaxation of School Uniform to help prevent unnecessary bags/ clothes in school,
  • We will give CLEAR GUIDANCE on what children can and cannot bring to school e.g. named book bag, water bottle, no toys etc.
  • No clubs until January 2021- minimising other users of the school and children crossing groups,
  • Parents evening may be done virtually online,
  • No out of school trips until January 2021- keeping risk assessments needed to a minimum,
  • Late children may not be able to be admitted to school,
  • Children will not be able to be collected early from school,
  • Parents will not be allowed on the premises unless in an emergency,
  • Communication with the school office will be by phone or email,
  • No Christmas Productions or events- we would look nearer the time but wouldn’t spend excessive time planning these if they present additional risks,
  • No PTA events until January 2021- as above.

We will however continue with:

  • As normal a curriculum as we can,
  • Hot school meals will be provided each day- with a scaled down menu,
  • Additional support from Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Outside Agencies for children with SEN
  • Breakfast and After School Club- these are different bubbles and therefore children can access these.

Of course if things change or as we hope improve we will make changes to our plans however we cannot be updating these and constantly reviewing these as we also have the school to run so giving periods of time e.g. Autumn Term allows us to spend time on the things that are important. It is also important for all of the children (and parents) to get some normality. However unusual this might be.

Some specific areas to just explain more:

TOILETS: All of the toilets in school are cubicles. In order to preserve the Bubble we would use each set of toilets for boys and girls. The playground toilets would be kept as Boys and Girls. Most children use the toilets at playtime however if they needed to use a toilet during a lesson they would use the Bubble toilet which would be gender neutral.

NEW RECEPTION CHILDREN: We would do a slightly different routine for our new children as they join us for the first time and then when the children are ready revert to the whole school routine. This will allow us to get just these parents into the playground for a short period to drop the children as they start school.

I hope that gives you a flavour of what we are thinking and looking to do.

If you could now click on the link below and give us some feedback on some key areas that would be fantastic.

This link will close on Wednesday 15th July 2020 at 10.00am.