Fairlight Primary & Nursery School

Every individual child achieves

Booking for Phase 4 is NOW CLOSED


What are we doing at fairlight?

The last week of term (13th - 16th July) is an exciting chance to introduce all children to their new teachers and years groups for September.





  • Main gate- either Gate 1 or Gate 2
  • No children can enter or be collected from the front entrance


  • To promote social distancing every year group will get an arrive time and collection time - please arrive and leave promptly.
  • Anyone arriving after this time will not be able to attend on this date.

Monday or Tuesday

  • Current Year 5- Gate 1 8.50-3.10
  • Current Year 3- Gate 2 8.50-3.10
  • Current Year 1- Gate 1 9.00-3.00

Wednesday or Thursday

  • Current Year 4- Gate 1 8.50-3.10
  • Current Year 2- Gate 2 8.50-3.10
  • Current Year R- Gate 1 9.00-3.00

PLEASE NOTE: Children cannot be collected early.


Only available to Key Worker and Vulnerable children.


  • Nursery Entrance

Breakfast Club

  • 8.00

After School Club

  • 3.15-6.00


We continue to use the criteria of Key Worker


All places must have been booked. This is not first come first served. Our Admissions criteria is prioritised as:
1. Key Worker Children- where both parents are Key Worker
2. Key Worker Children- where one parent is a Key Worker
2. Vulnerable Children.

A letter from your employer may be required.

To clarify ChildCare Provision is only open to children:
-whose parents are KeyWorkers and working on the dates/ times that the children are in ChildCare Provision,
-who have a social worker,
-who have an EHCP,
-who the school have offered a place to.

Whilst we appreciate some parents have been using Childcare to give them a break or to allow them to get things done we can only offer this service now to give Childcare for when you are working. This is also the same if there is another member of the household who is at home and can provide Childcare.

Childcare will now be restricted to 30 children maximum per day. Giving us 3 Pods of 10 children- a bubble of 30 children in total.

Important Changes to Childcare Provision are:
- Access to and from Childcare will now be through the Nursery Entrance- where you will be asked to adhere to social distancing queuing. No access will be given via the School Gates or Front Door.
-Breakfast Club will Open for Access from 8.00am-8.15am- any arrival after this will not be able to attend until 8.45am
-ChildCare Provision will Open for Access from 8.45am-9.00am- any arrival after this will not be able to attend on this day.
-ChildCare Provision will finish and children will need to be collected from 3.00pm-3.15pm.
-After School Club will finish no later than 6.00pm. Children can be collected from 3.15-6.00pm at the Nursery Entrance.
-No toys or equipment can be brought from home. Just lunchboxes and phones if required.
-School Uniform is optional.
-Free School Dinners will remain in place until Friday 12th June (if this changes we will update you).

Any parent who sends their children to Childcare Provision must agree that in the event that they show symptoms of Covid 19 that they will ensure that they get an urgent test to confirm if they have it. Anyone who has come into direct contact with them will be required to isolate and not attend for either 14 days or until a negative test result has been given- hence the need to be tested otherwise everyone in their Pod, Bubble and Family will be required to isolate for 14 days also.

Children will not be able to attend Childcare Provision if:
-they have not received a confirmation of an offer of a place,
-are late
-are unwell,
-parents do not agree to and adhere to the rules around attendance.

Please complete the required information below.

By requesting a place you are agreeing to all of the Rules for attendance.

REPORTS FOR 2019- 2020

These will be sent home with the children during Transition Week or for our Year 6 children during their last week with us. 

To save on paper the letter that would accompany the reports is here.