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We will be uploading new and exciting learning activities for you to try at home!  Please check the site every Tuesday and Thursday for updates! 

Reception Home Learning


Tuesday 31st March 

Hey Turtles! Hope you’re all keeping safe and well!

This is a great opportunity to learn new skills e.g. baking, dancing, tying up shoe laces, yoga etc. We would love to create a gallery on our web-page of your child learning a new skill. Email your pictures to workathome@fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk. Miss Palmer will be uploading later today!



Use your counting skills to play a game of ‘don’t roll a six!’ We play this game in class quite a lot so the children should know the rules. You will need a die (or a similar alternative).

There are two variations to this game:

  1. Ask each player to chose an action (e.g. star jumps, hopping, touching toes etc). Each player takes turns to roll a die. If they roll a six they must do the action that they have chosen six times. That player then gets to choose what the next player will do if they roll a six. If a 6 is not rolled, contnue play until it is.  
  2. Split into two team. Team 1 rolls the die and records the number. Now team 2 has a go. Team 1 rolls again and then adds that number onto their score (use a 1 - 30 number line to help you count on -https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/T-N-012-Number-Line-0-30-Numbers_Underneath ). Team 2 does the same. If either team rolls a six, the score goes back to zero. The first one to thirty wins!



Revisit learnt phonemes using the phoneme booklet. Choose a phoneme and see if you can spot it in some of your favourite story books.

Find some objects in your house beginning with the letter sounds i, n, m and d. Can you group the objects that you have found by their initial letter sound?

Play a game of hangman using the tricky words on the resource sheet.



Keep reading! Read (or listen to) lots of stories to your child and get them to read to you too.

Read or watch the story of ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmYqb4mJO7Y. The aliens really love underpants - can you write a list of all of the things that you love? Don’t forget to use your phoneme fist to segment the letter sounds! Can you write a speech bubble for one of the aliens?  Can you make an alien fact book? Can you create a different story about underpants?



Go on a nature hunt in your garden or out on a walk. Collect objects along the way e.g. leaves, grasses, sticks, stones etc. Bring them back home and organise them into categories e.g. hard, soft, big, small etc. Now use these objects to make a nature collage. 



Thursday 26th March

Good morning Turtles!   We hope you are all well and managing to enjoy some sunshine this week?

We have planned a little task for you to do to make the most of the sunshine in your garden, on your balcony or if you get out for a little exercise this week.



Use the numicon numberline on the resource sheet below and try to find one more, one less than a given number.



Can you write a sentence each day of something you have done?

You could add a picture and then keep it as a diary or send it as a letter to someone you may not see for a while.


Please remember to read as often with your child as you can. This includes reading to them, listening to stories on CD, listening to them read their school book.

(Next week we will prepare some short sentences for the children to read to include the digraphs we have learnt so far)



Use the phoneme Phase Mats (below) as revision to ensure the children remember them. Write them on flashcards? Stick them around the house?

Use the words on the resource sheet below to play Bingo! 

The children love this game!

Either draw out a grid with six spaces on it and write a word in each box or use the ones available here https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/T-L-017-Phase-2-High-Frequency-Word-Bingo

Write the same words on small pieces of paper. The children turn over a word and read it, if they have it on their board they put the piece of paper over the word.

Once all of the words are covered they shout BINGO!


As the seasons change, can you see signs of Spring?

If you have the opportunity to access your garden or some outside space (during your daily exercise?!) take the time to complete the activity sheet.

It keeps children engaged with the changing world around them and gives you lots to talk about!

Please remember, this is guidance only. You know what your child is capable of and how much they need to feel stimulated each day!

If you would like to contact Miss Palmer or myself we have access to this shared school email workathome@fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk

Take care of yourselves and each other.


Tuesday 24th


Shape – Go for a shape hunt around your house. Can you find squares? Can you keep a tally of how many squares you find? Can you do the same for a different shape?

Counting – With their eyes closed, children listen and count aloud as you clap. Can you show me on one hand how many times I clapped? Can you use two hands? How many different ways can you make the same number using your fingers?

Number – Use the number line to count to 10. Cover one of the numerals. Can you tell me what numeral is missing? Can you tell me what is one more / less than that numeral?


Read a story together. Can you tell me what might happen next? Can you draw and label the next page?

Can you write your name? Use pens, chalks, paints, crayons (anything you can get hold of!)

Can you write a sentence? Remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops.  


Can you find the letters s, a, t, p around your house? Can you think of any words beginning with these phonemes? Can you write down these words? Can you write a sentence using these words?

Hide these tricky words around your house: I, the, to, no, go. Can you find and record these tricky words?

Use the high frequency words on the resource sheet. Time your child to read them. How long does it take? Can you beat your time and read them faster next time?