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Year 5 Topic: First World War

In Year 5, our Autumn topic is the Great War, later known as the First World War. It is a serious topic in history, which will challenge your child to think about serious questions about the morality of war and the decisions that leaders of different countries make that can affect the lives of millions. We will find out what the 'MAIN' factors were that lead to the outbreak of war, and the assassination that was the trigger event. We will learn about the propaganda that was used to persuade ordinary people to join up, and what it was like to fight in the trenches of the Western Front. We will find out about the experiences of women serving at the front lines and in No Man's Land, in the munition factories and campaigning for the right to vote.

Sussex by the Sea: Brighton in Summer 1914

What were the causes of the Great War?

The Shots Heard Around The World!

Your Country Needs You!

Train To Be A Soldier

Life In The Trenches

The Christmas Truce 1914

Women at War

Black Lives at War

Over The Top!

War Animals

Brighton at War

Armistice 1918