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RE: Buddhism

What is Buddhism?

In this section, find out more about the main ideas of Buddhism. It is an interesting belief system: a religion that doesn't have a god; a religion that is also a philosophy (a way of thinking). Find out about the life of young Prince Siddhartha, who would become known as the Buddha, and how he came to look at sadness and suffering in the world in a new way. Find out about the four Noble Truths he is said to have noticed, and the Eight Paths to Happiness he is said to have thought out.

Autumn: The Ancestor Festival

We will be celebrating the many Buddhist festivals that remember and celebrate the lives of our ancestors during Autumn term. This fits in well with our history topic, where we are remembering and commemorating those people who experienced the First World War.

Spring: Losar & Theravedin Festivals

In Tibet and surrounding countries, Buddhists celebrate the Losar Festival, which begins their New Year. In other parts of the world, Buddhists have a New Year celebration at different times. This week, it is the Theravedin festival in South East Asia. We didn't get the chance to celebrate any Buddhist New Years together at school - so let's do it now at home and online. Below, you'll find a Word Document with great Losar Festival home activities! to try out this week, as well as some photos, colouring and video clips to visualise the festival. Tashi Delek!

Summer: Vesak Festival