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We Are Cryptographers!

During our World War one topic, we learn about how messages and orders were delivered to soldiers at the firing lines using cryptography to keep them secret. Learn how to encrypt (put into a secret code) and decrypt (work out what a message really says), using semaphore, Morse and ciphers!

Digital Literacy

It is important to be safe online, and as you get older, you might be starting to use more social media and online games. Here are some videos exploring digital literacy.

Different ways to communicate online:


What are viruses and malware?


Should I trust everything I read on the web?


How do search engines work?


We are Computer Game Designers!

I love computer games and have been programming simple ones since my dad bought me a computer called a ZX81. Have you ever wanted to design and code your own computer game? Here is all you need to begin to learn the basics, by recoding a series of games using the Scratch programming language, each one teaching you how to do different things in games. Then, tinker and adapt (change a few things, such as the numbers in variables) in the code to see what happens. Use what you have learnt to design and code your own computer game!

If you love Purple Mash, you will probably already know that they have their own coding lessons too, using their own programming language called 2CODE. It has little interactive lessons that are fun to do if Scratch seems a bit hard. And if you love coding with Scratch try 2CODE too! Yes, it's very useful for future tech geeks and web surfers to learn to code in different programming languages! You'll learn new strategies and notice similarities and differences in how the two languages work.

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Minecraft: A Quest World & How To Start Coding Command Blocks


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Minecraft is a game that lots of people enjoy to build amazing objects and buildings and to imagine having adventures in. But what else can you do with it?

Did you know that you can also do coding in Minecraft using secret Command Blocks to make scripts that can mean you control your world and can make things happen, for example:

  • summon special mobs for a battle
  • create new items
  • design new villagers with different trades
  • set quests
  • make objects move and teleport! 


I have made a world map in my spare time where I have experimented with Command Blocks, to learn for myself how this can be done. I have uploaded it for you to explore, and I have made a word file with all sorts of commands that I used to make the characters and other amazing things such as the moving airship! I love role-playing games, so I have also written lots of quest books for you to adventure with if you like (every single one is a terrible pun!). They can be found in the happy town of Normarket at The Order of the Fair Light Adventurers' Guild! I hope that you have some fun, enjoy some role-playing storytelling, and also learn some coding along the way!

World Download: The Grand Duchy of Norminedy (1.15 World)

(Should now have the world spawn point to the town I built!)

How to install a Minecraft world: Tutorial

Step 1: To find your .minecraft folder:

  • Click in the search box at the bottom of your PC screen
  • Type %appdata% and press Enter

Mods that improve the performance and look of Minecraft:


Sildur's Shaders

How to install Optifine and Sildur's Shaders: Tutorial

Role-playing Quest Book!

General Quests by Location

Shadow of War Campaign

Season of the Witch DLC Campaign

Minecraft Commands & How to Start Using Them

Map of my World:


Draw your own fantasy maps online:



Purple Mash

Purple Mash is a great Virtual Learning Environment that every child has a username and password for. It is filled with great apps for every subject area, so that your child can do some of their own learning at home! Encourage your child to log in and Purple Mash will keep a record of all of the things that they have learnt! Some top tips: practice your touch-typing skills with 2TYPE, solve the space mission simulation at 2SIMULATE, and learn how to write your own computer programs and games with 2CODE and 2LOGO!