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Year 5 Art

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Space Art & Craft Ideas!

There are so many great space-themed art and craft projects you can make. Don't forget, you can also make a Mars base junk model in our Return To Earth Topic section, for your rockets to land at. See, all those loo rolls came in handy after all! Click on the pictures below to take you to a video tutorial:

Learn how to draw an astronaut - step by step: Sponge Paint a galaxy (you don't need acrylic paint - poster paint is fine): Paper origami rocket: Toilet roll space shuttle:



Playdough aliens Potato print aliens Pastel/chalk planets Alien headband Space rocks
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Bottle rockets Paper plate and cup - Alien landing Paper plate aliens Paper mache solar system Galaxy slime
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Leaf Art!

Get creative and be inspired by nature! here are some great ideas for nature-inspired art projects. Pick some up interesting leaves on your next exercise walk!

Get creative and do some leaf printing! Using felt tip pens, colour in the leaves. Then lay a piece of paper over leaf with pen side facing up and gently rub to transfer pen ink to paper.  Create your own toilet roll aliens! Why not try some rubbings of different surfaces?
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Egg Blowing & Egg Painting!

It's Easter Monday today, so here is a bit of traditional art - and a special skill - that you can learn. Before the invention of chocolate Easter eggs, eggs were still a symbol of the festival... but they were real eggs that had been painted. You can either do this by hardboiling some eggs (then letting them cool down first) so that they don't break while you are painting them... or you can try to blow the yolk and white out from the inside of the shell without cracking it! There is an old phrase that means when you try to tell somebody what to do when they already know how: "Teaching your grandma to suck eggs." Well, this is where it comes from... but can your gran really do it? The rest of your family? Perhaps you can learn from the videos and instructions linked below and teach them!

How to Paint Easter Eggs!

How to Paint Easter EggsConverting

Easy Easter Egg Painting for Kids


How to Paint Galaxy Eggs


WikiHow: How to Blow Out Eggs

Image titled Blow Out Eggs Step 1Converting

BBC: How to Blow Eggs

Egg designsConverting

YouTube: How to Blow Out an Egg

Earth Day!

Here are some ideas of things to do to celebrate 'Earth Day!'

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The Ancient Greeks

Here are some art ideas you may want to try!

Ancient Greece - vases and pots: Find out more by clicking the ppt on the right. Then have a go at designing your own!

Greek Vases Clipart                   5+ Ancient Greece Cli... Ancient Greece Clipart | ClipartLookConverting                      Grecian Urn clip art #TableVasesIdeas | Ancient greek art, Greek ...Converting

Greek Vases Clipart           Ancient-Greece vases and pots.ppt

Fairlight Art Recreation Challenge!

You may also be inspired by the Fairlight Art Recreation Challenge - take a look at this page! https://www.fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk/in-the-classroom/whole-school