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1. Coronavirus Isolation Home Learning Information

In the event that your child or their Year 5 class need to isolate at home due to testing for an outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, you should go to our Online Learning Platform Seesaw and log in using your child's log in leaflet which we have sent home to you. Please keep this somewhere safe as this is where all daily learning activities will be found (although there are plenty here on our pages to keep your child engaged!) You can also download Seesaw as an app on tablets and phones. Parents can also use and interact with class teachers using their own Families Seesaw Login, which we will also send home to you. ONLY children who are self-isolating should access and do work on Seesaw, please, as it is our emergency learning system.


Day of Self-Isolation 

Exercise and PE






Foundation Subjects




Day 1

Ball Skill Challenges:

Red Challenge

In less than 20 seconds and in both directions, maintaining control:

  1. I can stand with my legs apart and move a ball around one leg 16 times (right and left leg).
  2. I can move a ball round my waist 17 times.
  3. I can stand with my legs apart and move a ball around alternate legs 16 times.
Blue Challenge

In less than 20 seconds and in both directions, maintaining control:

  • I can stand with my legs apart and move a ball in a figure of 8 around both legs 12 times.
  • I can move a ball around my waist into a figure of 8 around both legs 10 times.
  • I can move a ball around my waist and then around alternate legs 12 times.
  • I can stand with my legs apart, hold the ball between them with 1 hand round the front and the other round the back and swap hand positions 24 times (‘criss-cross’), with a bounce and then without a bounce.



(Log into Seesaw to access Whiterose lessons and videos)


Lesson 1

Compare and order to 1,000,000

Lesson 1



Animals at War:

Read this powerpoint about which animals went to the Great War, and what they did!



Times tables and number facts (check the maths booklets)

Please look on the school maths page of our website. 

Spelling practice 


Day 2



Lesson 2

Round numbers to 1,000,000

Lesson 2


Make a fact file about your favourite animals at war.


Day 3


Lesson 3

Negative Numbers

Lesson 3


Make a Poster to get others to think about animals at war.

Day 4


Lesson 4

Roman Numerals

Lesson 4


Spanish: can you learn your Numbers to 30?

Day 5

Lesson 5

Maths Fundamentals

Lesson 5


Computers: watch the online safety videos.

Make a poster about the different ways we communicate online.

Day 6

Lesson 6

Add 4-digit numbers (1 exchange)

Lesson 6

Women at War:

Read this powerpoint about what women did during the First World War!

Day 7

Lesson 7

Add 4-digit numbers (more than 1 exchange)

Lesson 7

Make a recruitment poster to tell women how they can help in the war.

Day 8

Lesson 8

Add more than 4 digit numbers

Lesson 8

Imagine that you are a woman during the Great War. Write a diary entry about your experiences. What do you do, and how do you feel?

Day 9

Lesson 9

Subtract 4-digit numbers (1 exchange)

Lesson 9

Spanish: can you learn your colours?

Day 10

Lesson 10

Subtract 4-digit numbers (more than 1 exchange)

Lesson 10

Computers: watch the online safety videos.

Make a poster about what viruses and malware are.

2. What other Learning can you do at home in Year 5?

Spellings of the Week!: Practice your Spellings of the Week, your Year 5 & 6 Spelling List, and spelling rules we have covered.


Reading: please read as much as you can! You can raad by yourself, but then talk to your grown ups about what you read!

Times Tables: All pupils are expected to know their times tables to 12 x 12. Keep practicing each week, and we do quizzes every Friday!

Maths number facts: check the facts you should know. If there are any you are wobbly on then follow the links to our maths games and practice. Many of these little number facts you will just need to know.


Maths calculation: have a go at some of the maths packs available on the whole school home learning page.


Telling the time – an essential skill, make sure you have practiced if you are still unconfident


Year 5 Fast Forward/Rewind: Have a look at the links below to each of our subject areas, and familiarize yourself with some of the things we will have learnt to do in Year 5. You can also revisit thing that we have learnt at school at home if you wanted to discuss or practice them with your grown ups.

Holiday Topics: The whole school curriculum page offers lots of activities we have put together for you based on different topics. Please visit this page as there are lots of activities for most subjects.


Home Learning Resources

There are links below to all of our subjects and topics that you can explore and try at home when your Curiosity and Independence mean you can't stop learning! Or you can use them to simply find out more about what we will be learning at school over the year!

















Topic: World War One



Topic: Space & Earth



Topic: Ancient Greece & Democracy



Year 5 Grammar & Punctuation Summary 


Topic: Black Lives Matter



Topic: Refugees



Topic: South Africa: Apartheid & the Long Walk to Freedom!



Topic: Votes for Women!






Topic: Buddhism


















SRE (Sex & Relationships Education)