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Year 6 Home Learning Padlet

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Hello Octopus and Sharks!  It would be awesome to showcase your amazing home learning, so please email your work through to Mr Knight/Miss Joller, Miss Lynn/ Miss Marchant to: workathome@fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk. We would love to see what you have been up to and how you have been keeping yourselves busy.





Temple stories

Finally, they had found it. The ancient structure could be seen looming over the lush foliage surrounding it and seemed to creep far under the vibrant floor of the forest. Odd for the area of the world they were in, there were blooming Sakura trees surrounding them, blooming beautiful, cerise blossoms – which dropped pretty pink petals to drift calmly towards the verdant ground beneath them. A ravine tore through an area of the undergrowth, revealing an exquisite waterfall, calmly drifting down from a stream trailing down from a large mound of earth behind the mysterious sanctuary. What may come of this unlikely group’s travels however, has already been determined by the legendary spirits of the prehistoric forest.

The introduction to Harry's story......

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The Explorer! by Sakina

I woke up with a start.

The throbbing sensation in my left leg was unbearable. My whole body was in agonizing pain and I couldn’t bear to move a muscle as I layed on the luscious, cushy grass that comforted my back....

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Geography Posters...





English - Oktapodi

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Topic work...






By Jasmine













Science Posters and Healthy Meals...Converting

My Animal: The Guinea Goat


The Guinea Goat is a hybrid between a Guinea Pig (Cavia porcellus) and a Goat (Capra aegagrus hircus)! It is a slightly larger version of the Guinea Pig and has the same ears, nose and mouth of the Goat but all other characteristics are from the Guinea Pig, including the teeth. Both genders of Guinea Goats grow horns during their youth, but don’t use them to attack.

My extremely inaccurate picture of the Guinea Goat:


By AlfieConverting



By Alfie