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Thursday 30th April 2020.

Hello Marlin class! This week Angelo has been doing some science experiments about water density and mixing different liquids to see which rises to the top and which stays at the bottom! What a super scientist! He has also been on a bug hunt and has researched some insects that he has found, look at his wonderful descriptive writing! Well done Angelo! x

Nico has been working hard at home, he emailed Miss Malone with his news and also added this wonderful photo of a poster that he made about the Ancient Egyptian god, Anubis. This is fascinating to read and doesn't his handwriting and drawing look great as always? Well done Nico!

Hello Marlin class! If you do anything at home and would like to send a photo of it so that I can add it to our gallery page, please do!


The email address is workathome@fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Hello Marlins! This week we have had some lovely photos sent to the school email address from Sunny and Jonah! Sunny has been growing some sunflower seeds and using chemicals to make crystals and writing observations of these. What a super scientist, very impressive! Jonah has been doing some outdoors art and continuing with his maths and handwriting, look how neat it is!

Thank you Marlins, I so enjoy seeing your photos, please send them in if you want to- or just email with your news!

Lots of love from Miss Malone xxx









Tuesday 7th April 2020. Thank you so much for sending me your photos! I will always reply to your emails too. This week we can see Angelo going for a walk to discover some nature, he is also keeping up with his martial arts hobby and doing some maths at home! Well done Angelo! Sam has also been busy, playing the steel pan drum, making a marble cake and even writing an advertisement for his cake which I loved; "It looks a bit vomity, but it is scrumptious!"  Well done boys!

Lots of love from Miss Malone


Kieran has been growing his own crystals and doing some super science! Jonah has been doing some spellings and handwriting, cooking some lovely meals, hanging out with his brother and doing some outdoor art! Harmony has done some lovely writing including an acrostic poem and a book review. Well done Marlins you are such a creative bunch! Thanks for the photos so far, more to come so watch this space! From Miss Malone xx

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