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In times like these where we are all at home for many hours of each day, it's important to remember to have some fun with our learning! The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California has started a challenge for people all around the world to recreate famous works of art using objects found around their own homes. We thought this was a fantastic idea and wanted to make a Fairlight edition of this challenge! I am inviting all year groups and all parents and carers to take part. Each week I will choose an artist of the week, some information about who they are/were and post a few of their famous works of art. It is then your task to try to recreate one of these works using whatever objects you have lying around the house. Be as creative and as imaginative as you want! Once you have created your own version of the artist's piece of art, please click on this padlet link (or scroll down) and upload your photo on the padlet area so we can all share the brilliant recreations. (Don't forget to add your name when you post your work!)

If you want to take a look at the Getty Museum challenge as well, you can follow them on Twitter @GettyMuseum or you can click the link below to find out more:


I will post a new artist and challenge at the start of each week. Now...let's have some fun!

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This week's artist is Banksy (1974 - Present) who is believed to come from Bristol. He has become famous for his talents in spray painting/graffiti art. Interestingly, he keeps his identity a secret and his art work pops up unannounced in public places like buildings and walls in cities. He has developed his own personal style which people now recognise and know when a piece of graffiti is an 'original Banksy'. He first started in the 1990's, creating his work in and around Bristol, and in the early 2000's his work started to venture out of Bristol and began to appear in other parts of England. There was even a Banksy graffiti artwork in Brighton! His work is often thought to be controversial and it's hard to know who owns the artwork once it is painted. Some people believe they should be left up for all to enjoy while others think they should be sold to raise money for a variety of charities and causes. What do you think?

Below are 3 artworks by Banksy on the padlet. Choose one of the paintings to try and recreate for this week's challenge! Don't forget to add your name and class when you post it so we know who did the fabulous work! (If you find a different artwork by this artist, feel free to recreate it!)

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Children talking and using full sentences is really important to us at Fairlight. Why not use this time to develop your children's language and play skills at the dinner table?

Mrs Avard has put together some great games that they play in Nurture.