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Black Lives Matter- Understanding Racism

Following the murder of George Floyd, a black American man, by American police officers, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have marched on the streets, protesting against the racism and prejudice towards black people under the banner ‘Black Lives Matter’.It has prompted many people to think about the inequalities that exist in society and how these affect their community as well as their own lives.

At Fairlight, we are lucky to have a diverse school community and we celebrate our differences in appearance, language, religion, culture and interests, while looking for the similarities that connect us.We want everyone to be proud of who they are, their families, their beliefs and their links with other communities and cultures. We also need to give all members of our community the skills to be able to stand up for themselves and others whenever we see or hear prejudice as well as question our part in creating equal opportunities for all. As London Mayor Sadiq Khan said "No institution can absolve itself of the responsibility to do better. We must stand together and root out racism wherever it is found."

It is clearly very important for us all to understand the history of racism in the UK and across the world and hear the voices and stories of those who have first-hand knowledge of racial prejudice.Over the coming months, we will be thinking about how we can review and develop our curriculum and our practice in school. We would welcome the input from members of our community and city on how best to do this.

Were it not for the current disruption to school life, we would have used our assemblies and PSHE lessons to explore what is currently happening in the news but are unable to do this at the moment. Instead we want to offer some  resource suggestions you could explore at home. Together, you could watch some of these videos, and read some of the books to find out more about what led to the Black Lives Matter protests, what racism is and how to stand up against it.

This link has some helpful advice about talking with your child about race and racism and why it is important.



Summer term is when we usually hold meetings in school for parents and carers about our PSHE units of work which focus on age appropriate relationship and sex education and from reception through to Year 6.

Due to current circumstances, we are unable to teach these lessons in school for everybody, so here is some information and some resources to help you,if you would like to begin or continue these important conversations at home within the values and religious beliefs that you as a family hold. These resources and ideas are offered as suggestions, rather than recommendations. Please check all resources carefully before sharing with your child.