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Learning super heroes

Meet our Learning Superheros! 

Back in 2014 we decided to look at how our children learn and the skills we want then to have as learners. At Fairlight we've always loved a superhero so the children designed characters around the learning skills we identified. We held a competition and the winning designs were taken and developed by Mr Doodle, a local artist, alongside the children. Our superheros are a huge part of Fairlight and how we learn, read below to find out more about each one, or listen to our very own Fairlight Five song.

Sing along with our Fairlight Five school song!

Here is how our Superheroes help us to learn:

Perseverance Pepito: Pepito reminds us that it's important to keep on trying if we want to succeed. He doesn't give up easily and knows that learning new things can sometimes be challenging.

Creative Carla: Carla helps us to look at things in new and creative ways. She doesn't always learn things in the same way and likes to use her imagination.

Risky Ronan: Ronan encourages us to take risks in our learning and try out new things. He teaches us not to be worried about making mistakes as this can be one of the best ways for us to learn.

Independent Isis: Isis is named after the Egyptian Goddess and is a strong female role model. She teaches us that we need to take charge of our own learning, developing strategies to become independent learners and developing ways to solve problems ourselves.

Curiosity Colin: Colin inspires us to always be curious about the world around us and to ask lots of questions. He motivates us to want to find out more and more!