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Mr Jordan's Projects

Here are a few projects you may want to undertake that will help the school and link with work we are planning to do in the future.

Any that have been completed can be emailed to me and will be posted here for all to see headteacher@fairlight.brighton-hove.sch.uk 



Bessie has now been our School Dog for several years. During her time as Fairlight School Dog she has had many adventures both in and out of school however no one has ever written them down.


Could you write a story about Bessie the School Dogs Adventures?


Could you draw the Bessie the School Dog Comic?


And what about her adventures out of school?


Could she have a “secret” identity?


Here are a list of potential story titles you may want to use for the Bessie the School Dogs Adventures:

  • Bessie Saves the Day
  • Secret Agent Bessie
  • Super Bessie 

An amazing tale by Ziggy. Well done.


With the help of Bessie's big sister Sadie Ziggy's amazing story has been turned into a real life comic strip. 

Read on to found out how Bessie did in her mission.


The Fairlight Football team train every week and play matches regularly however we are still missing a few things.

We don't have a mascot like Gully at Brighton and Hove Albion. Or a cool badge like the Seagulls.

So please design:

  • A Fairlight Mascot
  • A School Football Team Badge
Easter Egg Hunt 5 ANSWER O
Easter Egg Hunt 5 ANSWER O