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Number Facts Practice

One of the core aims of the national curriculum is that pupils should become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics through varied and frequent practice. At the foundation of this is knowing the basics - our number facts!  

This term we will be exploring our number facts and the expectations from each year group.


Click here to read more on fluency on maths.



 Number Facts Practice Games for Computers and Tablets

Click on the following links to practice your number facts at home! 

Counting/ Number Recognition Counting On/Back 1 or 2 More


Addition Fact Check


Quickfire Addition Facts

Adding 9 Snake

Adding 9

Doubles Near Doubles Dinosaur Number Bonds of 10 Adding 10
Adding 9 Pong Adding 9 Pac Man Adding 9 Asteroid Adding 9 Shoot The UFO
Adding 9 Snake 

9/10/11 more/less

Count on Catapult

Subtraction Facts of 20

Mental Subtraction


Match the multiplesMat

Online Times Table Test


                                            Daily Ten

Hit The Button


                       Match the multiples    


Mental Maths Train

Drag and match 




Free Twinkl games to download and make



Squared Numbers
Square Pairs Square Pairs 2 Squared numbers  Quiz Squared numbers  flash cards Squared numbers  UFO shoot Squared numbers  Pong


Square numbers square root match 


Prime Numbers
Finding pairs Prime Numbers Snake Prime Numbers Asteroid Prime Numbers UFO shoot Prime Numbers PacMan


Fling the Teacher - Prime Quiz 1

Manic Miner - Primes Quiz  
Converting Converting



Cubed numbers
Cubed numbers UFO shoot Cubed numbers Snake Cubed numbers Flash Cards BBC clip



Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

ConvertingConvertingConvertingConverting                                    ConvertingConverting         











Year 6 Practice




Times Tables Songs


Click here to see a full list of the tunes we learn our times tables to and click below to hear some of the children at Fairlight perform the songs.


Counting in 3s


Counting in 4s



Counting in 6s 



Counting in 8s


Counting in 7s




Number Facts Books

 click below to download the number facts book for your year group - this includes the number facts your child should know by the end of year and further suggested activities and games to support.


EYFS/Year 1 Year 2   Year 3 Year 4  Year 5/Year 6 


Click here for Mrs Parker's Every Child Counts website 


Roman Numerals
Converting Converting Converting ConvertingConvertingConverting Converting