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Every individual child achieves

Winner Winner you are a winner
Winner Winner you are a winner

Celebration AssembLY

Children get selected for Certificate Assembly each week for showing teachers their fantastic learning skills linked to our Superhero's. A certificate is awarded and a reason is given that is shared with the class and the school in assembly.


At the end of each Half Term teachers have the very difficult task of choosing their class awards.

Each teacher gets to choose two children each term who have shown amazing skills just like one of our Learning Superhero's.

  • Creativity like Carla.
  • Perseverance like Pepito.
  • Risk taking like Ronan.
  • Curiosity like Colin.
  • Independence like Isis.

Sometimes the children may even have shown the learning characteristics of more than one of the Superhero's.

The reasons are written on a special certificate and each child winners a medal also.


This is a very tricky task for teachers as so many children have shown lots of these skills during the year. 


And then the teachers have to get together in their Key Stages and choose a HEADTEACHER AWARD from within their Key Stage for someone who has shown maybe all of the skills of the Superhero's or who has achieved something truly Super.


This is a very rare award as only 1 of these are given each term. Children get a special HEADTEACHER AWARD Trophy and special certificate with all the reasons written on it.

Mr Jordan is very proud of all the winners
Mr Jordan is very proud of all the winners


This terms winners proudly showing off their awards...

Our EYFS Winners

This is the first time for our Reception children that they have been part of the whole school awards. 

Well done to our 6 special winners.

Our Key Stage 1 Winners

A few very proud faces on show in Key Stage 1 today for the awards. And many Year 1 children only saw a few of these awards before lockdown last year so it was all a bit of a shock and suprise. 

Our Lower Key Stage 2 Winners

Been there. Seen that. Done that is usually how Year 3 and 4 roll for Certificates however without parents being in the audience they were not prepared for the surprise. 

Our Upper Key Stage 2 Winners

You are never too old to win and certificate as the proud Year 5 and 6 children showed today. And for many it can join there ever growing collection. 

And the extra special HEADTEACHER AWARD Winners

As the children have been told today this is a rare prize. Like winning a million pounds. Like seeing a unicorn in real life. 

Only 4 across the whole school this term.

And of course the important bit- The Certificates with the reasons for winning