The BIG Playground Adventure


Phase 1 is complete!

Thanks to the amazing efforts of our wonderful children,staff, PTA, parents, grandparents and friends we have been able to install our sports goals and adventure trail. The difference is amazing and the children are really enjoying the new additions to the playground, challenging themselves physically, not only during PE but also during break times as well.  A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who’s donated so far!

From this…    IMG_D592099D

to this….!        phase 1

Our Aims:

Our children want us to improve their playground. They have BIG ideas and we agree with them!

We want to make the outdoor learning environment a better place for all children to play, learn, take risks, be curious and creative and learn through play.

We value outdoor learning and recognize the important part it has to play in our children’s development and well-being.


We aim to

  • develop an inspiring outdoor learning environment which will support every individual child and enable them to achieve their full potential in all areas of learning
  • improve the physical fitness and mental well being of all children in our school

Do you know anyone who could help?

If you or someone you know could help with our project in any way, please come and talk to us. Mrs Durneen is the main contact; or you could leave your details with the School Office and we’ll get back to you. If you have any other ideas, please get in touch also!

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